back to normal

We did it!  We survived Spring Break at home!  :) 

Both James & Ruby said they had a lot of fun last week and I did, too.  This morning it was back to the grind.  I almost felt bad for them.  :)  Summer is just around the corner, though.  I think they'll survive.

The consignment sale is this weekend so I have been busy getting all of my stuff priced and ready.  It is always such a big job and it always feels so good once it's over.  Our lower level is covered in clothes and I can't wait to get them all out of here!!

Thankfully, we had a beautiful weekend!  Hooray!!  The kids played outside so much and that felt SO good.  (for them and us.)  We also had our first fire on the patio Friday night along with some beer and the Badger game.  (deep sigh of relief)  I think spring might really be here?!

Here are a few pics before I get back to work.

James had a friend over one night and they made us breakfast the next morning.  huh.  Kind of liked that!

 Ruby slept by her hamsters, Dorothy and Penny, the first couple of nights:
 They are tiny and cute and really fun to watch.  We've all gotten nipped but they are young and we were told to just keep handling them and they'll get used to us.  Also, we need to remember to wash our hands so we don't smell like snacks!

 Here are the books I read last week.  I really liked all of them except The Divorce Papers.  nothing special about that one, I didn't think.  Fangirl was my favorite and Lost Lake was a close second. 

How was your weeked??  :)



  1. Just wanted you to know that I am still here reading every post. For some reason I cannot comment from my phone which is what I am usually using. Made some french toast and used the vanilla from you. I think it is one of the best gifts i've ever gotten. It's something about the way that bottle closes, smells and looks. It always makes me miss you :)


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