Thursday, April 03, 2014

guess what? it's spring break!

Yup, my kids are home all week. 

Patrick is still swamped at work and the weather has been mostly crap.  We are having a pretty good week, though.  (Thank God.)  Monday was overcast but warm and we had a great hike to Picnic Point.  I needed that and it was a great way to start our week.  Tuesday was sunny but bitterly cold and we went swimming (at an indoor pool) and out to lunch.  (out to lunch = mcdonald's)  :)  Yesterday we went to the Children's Museum with our friends and then had them over for a couple hours to meet the hamsters.  (Ruby got her hamsters last weekend!)  Today we are having a lazy morning (I am on my 4th book of the week...can you say escape mechanism??  :)  I love reading so it's a good way to take care of myself.)  and going out for a while this afternoon.  Tomorrow we are going to Milwaukee!  Whew!  I have also confirmed a Door County rental for August and started nailing down dates for a camping trip with our friends. 

I have to be honest.  Seeing all the Spring Break trips start popping up on my facebook feed was hard.  I have been struggling with the weather for this past month (with lots of the country, I know) and I just felt JEALOUS.  :(  I stayed away until I was in a better mental place and did what I could to make sure we had a fun week together.  Sleeping in, staying up late, not having has really been a nice break.  We will have quite a few get-aways this summer so I am focusing on that and it's helping.  I also met Wendy at the track last Sunday for my inaugural run of the season.  A little exercise in the sunshine with a friend helped my mood a lot.  I know spring and warm weather will come.  I know we have everything we need + so much more.  I am so thankful for the ways God takes care of me/us.  I also know that comparison is the thief of joy because I read it on pinterest.  ;)  (it's so true, though!)

Anyways, here are some pictures from Picnic Point.  I love that place.

 This was on our way back.  I had a roll of Rolos in my pocket and used them as incentives the whole way.  :)  Worked like a charm but I wish I had had 3 more.

So tell me, have you had spring break yet?  Did you go somewhere awesome or have to create a little awesome yourself?  :)  


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    My spring break was plowing snow twice today. Once at 6AM moving about 14" that fell over night and then at 1PM when it finally quit and I plowed another 3" out of the way.'Will it ever end?



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