sh*t storm

Our house looks like a violent storm just passed through.  A sh*t storm.  I am having a hard time finding the motivation to clean it.  Instead I am pinning summer hiking spots and Door County ideas.  :)  Nick is outside driving his pink Cadillac SUV and soaking up the sunshine.  The big kids have early release today and we are going hiking with some friends. 

All I want to do this summer is be outside.  seriously.  (until it gets too hot.  ha!)  I love being outside, especially in the woods and near water.  I need to seek more of these spots out and experience some new ones.  We love Devil's Lake & Picnic Point but there is so much more out there and I want this to be a summer we explore Wisconsin.  ;)  (have you heard that somewhere before??)

Here are a few pics from our MKE trip:  We went to Discovery World and the Milwaukee Public Museum.  (Thank you to Teresa for telling me about this all those years ago!!)

 gift shop treasures:
 waited 20 minutes for another rainstorm:
 Ruby loved these graphic scenes: 
 James wondered at a world before minecraft:



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