holy photo dump

Let's go back to Easter weekend, okay? :) 

Egg hunt:

My little rooster: (NOT wearing the legit head that the Good Lord provided, instead wearing a mama made one from her dad's old tshirt.)

After a hike (near a river & swamp) with friends.  I think James was already in the shower. 

Last weekend we went to the Kalahari for Ruby's birthday (which is this Thursday).  Annie & Ronan and kids went with us and our Dad and Mari surprised us!  It was so fun.  On Saturday we went to Witches Gultch in the Dells.  pretty cool but kind of weird, too.

This was much higher/more dangerous than it looked.  He loves to climb!

A few weeks ago at the train tunnel trail:

Nick's big springtime accomplishment.  Getting on top of the play area TV:
Saturday we were at Kalahari until noon, then Witches Gultch, then Devil's Lake, then home for 45 minutes and Wendy picked me up for the Glow Run.  I could not have been less excited.  :)
But of course, it was fun!  We planned on walking the whole thing so we had a beer first.  Then we decided to run and walk.  I had to stop and pee during a 5k.  nice.

I hope this photo dump finds you alive and well.

big love to you.


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