all the photos (I'm not kidding)

James kayaking at Brat Fest (the only part of that visit any of us enjoyed):
zip line at our friend's house:
summer night:
Nick is 5th from the right, first day of swim lessons:
my homemade crust turned out really good!!  So glad my Dad made me try it.  :)
This summer is tiring Nick out.
He sleeps a lot.
pretty much anywhere.
haircut day:
at the park:
way back in may for ruby's birthday:

last day of school ice cream party:
the tables were filled with ice creams and different toppings:
James' first day making lunch:
Annie's backyard:
Ruby and I on the way to breakfast on Father's day:
nice.  thanks ruby.
okay, that's better.  :)
at the zoo:

baseball game:

Nick's first day of summer 4K (he has the crooked hat on):
Ruby and James trying to fix a bowl that Nick broke with packing tape:
mixing up the bubble solution:



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