it's raining

Good morning, friends and loved ones.  How are you?  I am good.  It is pouring here so I decided that called for another cup of coffee and here we are!  Let's catch up a little.  :)

This is the last week of school!  The kids and I are both excited and I am thankful I don't have the feeling of nervousness that I normally do.  I trust now that summer is a lot of fun along and pretty relaxing along with all of the bickering/complaining/boredom that will inevitably come along with it.  Also good?  Having James & Ruby around takes some of Nick's missle-like focus off of me.  :)  It's so funny how he went from being my tiny little buddy that we do everything together and kiss! kiss! kiss! to PLEASE SHUT UP and JUST STOP TALKING over the course of this year.  :)  hehehehehe!  They do grow up!!

I am also excited for date nights which will resume next week!!  Yay!!!!!  I love regular date nights and feel like they are an important additional expense, especially in the summer.  I would rather have a weekly date night than CABLE TV.  Can you believe that??  It's true.  I still miss cable but it is fading now as the weather has improved.   I really got into House of Cards but stopped watching a bit into season 2 because I think all the scheming and lying and cheating was bringing me down...getting into my head.  That probably sounds dumb but there it is.  Patrick and I also watched Hannibal together and that was HORRIBLE but good, too.  Crazy how you can get past the gore pretty quickly.  (I closed my eyes for a lot of it.)  I could not believe when I found out that show was on primetime TV.  I must be getting old (I am) because I thought it was a cable show, for real.

Ebay has been good!  I love Sundays, it's my busiest selling day, which means I have a lot of work on Monday mornings.  (and here I sit...)

I am still trying to wash my face, floss, drink water, exercise, have quiet time and eat 5 fruits/veggies on MOST days.  Those things are kind of ingrained in me...and I am so happy about that.  I don't have any charts going right now but they are always in the back of my head.  I have gone down a couple pounds but nothing major.  Am okay with that.  SLOW and relatively steady seems to be my way.  :)  Also, beer.

We have been having lots of fun times and I wish I was better at documenting them.  A couple personal highlights:  Andrea and I went to Milwaukee to work out with Dawn Estelle and almost died.  ;)  It was really fun and then we shopped the rest of the day, also really fun.  Patrick and I went camping by ourselves for a night on Memorial Day awesome.  We folded our seats down and threw a futon mattress right in the back of the van.  We kept it simple and it was very relaxing.  We've been having lots of fires.  Our yard looks so pretty this year.  Our neighbor got a trampoline (nervous!).  Family bike rides (4/5 of us enjoyed this...need to figure out what will work best with Nick this year).  Summer is off to a good start.  Thankful.

It is like a hurricane outside.  I better go start shipping because Wild Kratts is on and it only lasts 26 minutes.  Thank God for PBS.



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