summer journal, day 10


Patrick gets home tomorrow night.  I can't wait.  I am tired out.  Yet, here I am, still up.  This bit of quiet is irresistible.

Big thunderstorms this morning so I kept the kids home from summer school and we all just laid around.  It was pretty nice.  After the weather cleared we went for haircuts and lunch and then dropped James off at his friend's house for the afternoon.  Ruby, Nick and I went for a bike ride and my legs felt like lead.  I had a burst of energy at dinner time (how odd) and sent them all outside while I got some of my summer decorating things out.  I didn't have them out at all last year so it was fun to see them.

After dinner (I use the term loosely) they played outside some more and then James came in for a game of checkers.  I poured a glass of wine and was just settling in when the door burst open and Nick came in sobbing...he had gotten stung by something.  Oh, the drama.  It was intense but short lived, thankfully.  As soon as he saw himself in the mirror, he was okay.  (there was just a tiny red dot above his eye.)  *side note: earlier, after he changed, he asked if he could run in the bathroom and see how he looked.  :)  we were leaving but he said he'd go "turbo."  How could I say no to that??

Patrick left at 4am on Monday and will be home tomorrow night around 8pm.  Date night was rescheduled for Friday, thankfully.


edited to add:  Nick also loves wearing his sunglasses and baseball hat lately.  The other day he added one of my hair bands to the mix.  He hung it over his ear and said it was his "buccaneer."  yove him.


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