summer journal, day 18

I forgot to write about something that happened last Sunday morning.  I was mowing the lawn and came around the sandbox and spotted this vintage watering can we have, the kind with the very long & thin spout, lying in the grass.  I didn't want to shut the mower off, so I was going to grab it as I cruised up along side it.  I forgot about that damn spout!  It was totally hiding (it was green) in the long grass and as I came up to the can, the spout got caught in the blade and all hell broke loose.  Well, I yelped, cut the mower and stood there blinking for a minute, double checking that I was still alive.  There was green plastic everywhere and more alarming, smoke coming out of the vent on the side of the mower.  Patrick had just left with James to bring his friend home and Ruby and Nick were inside.  (no witnesses.)  I collected the shrapnel and tried to start the mower, just for fun.  No luck.  CRAP.  I pulled it around to the garage and went inside for a muffin, planning what I would say to Patrick.  He still wasn't home by the time I finished my muffin so I went back out to take a look and said a prayer.  The mower started!  No permanent damage!!  My neighbor just came over to borrow it, that's what reminded me.  :) 

So, yesterday.  A good day.  Nick jumped off the diving board for the first time (with a life jacket on and into the arms of a very sweet instructor) and my big kids thanked me for their ride to school. 

It was date day/night and when Emma came at 1:00 I just wasn't up to shopping or anything.  I brought a couple books and a blanket and found a spot at a quiet park under a tree.  Oh, I stopped and got some fro yo first!!  Priorities.  It was so peaceful and I totally just relaxed and enjoyed it so much.  After about an hour I left and did go to Goodwill but I just wasn't feeling it.  I picked up some dinner for Patrick and I and headed to the park where I was to meet him and laid there on a blanket and read some more.  I needed that.

Once he arrived, we ate our dinner and then went paddleboarding!  It was so fun!!  I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to do it but I totally could.  It's not that hard, just getting up the first time felt tricky.  After I was up I thought that I would stay up the whole time but quickly learned how tiring it gets.  It's nice to sit down for a break or even paddle on your knees for a bit.  After a while, Patrick wanted me to get in the lake with him but I was afraid of having to heave myself back on the board, too.  But I totally did it and the water was wonderful and getting up the second time was so much easier, already.  After that I got a little cocky and was rocking the board back and forth and even jumped up and landed without falling.  (Patrick had been doing these things.  show off.  ;)  )

side note:  I made the mistake (?) of telling Patrick I want to hike some of the Pacific Crest Trail someday so now when I am afraid to do anything and then do it, he tells me I am one step closer.  :)  Also, last weekend on our bike ride, Patrick offered to switch bikes with me to give my legs a break.  His bike is so high with a bar that is dangerously close to my vagina.  I was scared to do it but he told me to pretend we were on the Amazing Race.  haha!!  I did it but didn't like it.  (although his bike is so much easier.  it's not even like riding a bike!!! not really, but it is so different than my cruiser.)  I appreciate his creative encouragement.  I also don't want to not try things because I am scared.  Life is too short. 

After our paddleboarding we changed and walked to get a coffee and then walked back to the lake.  We just laid on a blanket and relaxed.  (I did a lot of laying on blankets yesterday.  awesome.)

I came home feeling happy and recharged and so thankful. 



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