summer journal, day 2

Today was a good day.  Birthdays are usually good ones.  :)  I started the day with another bike ride (love) came home to coffee, a sweet card (I adore my husband's handwriting) and a busy morning of ebay & house stuff.  Then swim lessons. (Nick went and did really well...J&R are doing good, too...felt bad for them because it was so chilly today, though.)   Then we came home, had lunch (more pizzadillas) and I read for a little bit.  My mom and sister came over (with cake and presents!) and we hung out for a while before leaving to go to a park or something.  We got an iced coffee and the "or something" turned into the dig (!!) and I was so happy to be there.  :)  I found lots of cute clothes for myself (happy birthday to me!) all for around $5.  For Sarah, who will like to hear this, I got:  one white cotton nightgown, one vintage looking robe, 3 skirts (sonoma, merona & horny toad), 1 banana republic tank, 1 old navy pale yellow super thin hoodie shirt thing, 1 cute jacket from Kohls (lightweight), and a REI black hoodie sweater.   I also found a lot of good stuff to sell.  After that we were going to meet Wendy for music in the park but it was raining (boo) so they just came to our house and we had grilled hot dogs and had beer.  And then cake.  Now we are watching Rio and I am just about ready to call it a night.  But Patrick said he still has some presents for me.  ??  Cheers to my 43rd year!!



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