summer journal, day 3

I skipped my bike ride this morning, choosing instead to snuggle with Nick until 7:00.  Today was the first day of summer school and James & Ruby both chose 3 classes, starting at 8am.  I got them to school, came home and ran around like a crazy woman for a couple hours, doing all sorts of crap around here.  Then we met them at the pool, all 3 had lessons, and we came home for lunch.  It was Ruby's day for lunch duty but she was being stubborn so I made her go to her room and I made the damn ham sandwiches myself.  :)  Afterwards I finished mowing the lawn, got super frustrated with James which resulted in him having to go to his room for 2 hours (he fell asleep, thank God), and played hide and seek.  I also did what felt like 1,000,000 other things.  We rode our bikes to the library and then Nick and I went on for a while longer by ourselves.  Ruby is kicking ass on the summer reading goals.  Nick then fell asleep and woke up whining and crying for me.  He went on and on and finally I felt his  :(  He got sick a while later and was puking for most of the night.  I had wanted to go to water aerobics but decided not to.  I'm glad because he would have been puking with a babysitter or at my sister's house.  :)  poor kid.  All he wanted me to do after his nap was cuddle him.  I am exhausted, wiped out, tired and kind of sad for no real reason.  I also want some ice cream. 


Tomorrow is supposed to be our first summer date night.  heavy sigh.  Maybe we will still get to go?  If not, we will live.  And go to bed very early.



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