summer journal, day 4

The good news, the best news, was that Nick's fever broke during the night and he was fine in the morning.  Poor kid...he was miserable during it all but thankfully it was fast.  What causes those quick illnesses??  Strange.  He slept pretty good through the night (next to me) and I woke up feeling fairly rested.  (I did have ice cream.)

The kids went to summer school and Nick and I spent the next few hours busy at home.  I had some sales to package & ship and took a shower, we watered the flowers, he helped me vacuum.  He loves to help...he helped make chicken noodle soup the night before.  :)  We met J&R at the pool but I kept Nick out of swimming for the day.  Date night was ON and I didn't want to wear him out and cause his illness to return.  :) 

After swimming we came home for lunch and got James ready for his T/Th class...Park Science.  Twice a week these kids get on a bus and spend the afternoon at one of the many amazing State & County parks around us, hiking and swimming.  I love that he signed up for this.  (I would like to take this class.)

After I got back from dropping him off, I collapsed on my bed for 10 minutes and then Emma came.  It's good to have her back, the kids love her and she really is so sweet. 

Then it was SWEET FREEDOM time.  Exhale.  I did some errands and went for a walk.  I went thrifting and found good stuff to sell and for us.  Patrick and I used our first date night to take care of some business...he needed an eye exam.  This is something he's needed (new glasses) for literally YEARS and is not something he would ever do on his own.  (his scrip is fine, just his glasses were beat up)  I helped him out and scheduled it for him and met him there.  He picked SUPER cute glasses & sunglasses that we both like.  I didn't pressure him (obvs) but he knows I love the thicker black nerdy glasses (SEXY).  He prefers wire frames.  ha!  The ones he chose are an excellent cross between the two.  I was so happy.  :)  After that we were starving and went to a new pub and had excellent burgers and beer.  It was a good day, a good night, and a wonderful start to date night.  We have big plans for us this summer!  (well, bike rides and kayaking.  big to us!)



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