summer journal, day 8

Patrick and my dad both left at 4 this morning.  yawn!!  I did fall back to sleep after seeing them off, thankfully.  Nick started his mini 4K summer school session.  SO cute.  He trotted off with the teacher, no problem.  He was pooped afterwards, wanted me to carry him to the car.  :)  With my 90 minutes of kid free time, I laid on my bed and read my book.  After swimming we all came home and I went back to my bedroom (with my book) for another hour while my kids ate pizza rolls (cooked by James) and watched Pokemon.  I needed that.

Then we met some friends at the pool for a couple hours. Loved it!  So hot and beautiful out today.  Then Nicky took a long nap (finally, he must have thought) and we all picked up the house.  Then it was dinner time and then I mowed the lawn.  Now it's time for a shower and BED.  This week feels more relaxed already.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?  (I probably shouldn't say that.)

I have been doing nothing but eating (crap) since my birthday.  Back on track today and that felt good.  Lots of watermelon.



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