summer journal, day five

Today I am (recapping on Saturday but will pretend it's Friday night for ease) tired.  I am done.  Put a fork in me.  Summer is busy.  whew.


Lots of running around this week and lots of kid time.  I need a break.  Oh, wait, I just had one yesterday.  Maybe I need more sleep.  I am trying to cram a lot in in the mornings (quiet time, work, exercise) so I am getting up early and then going to bed late because the kids are, too.  Even after they go to bed I crave a little quiet time so it' adding up to not much sleep.  I'll figure something out...this was the first week, after all.

Aside from my physical state, I feel thankful and good.  I am really loving the extra time with J&R.  Ruby is giving me lots of hugs and told me she missed me while she was at summer school.  James is really into helping in the kitchen and playing checkers, so that has been fun, too.

Grandpa came today so everyone was happy.  He persuaded me to make a pie crust from scratch and I think it turned out.  James helped mix one crust up and I rolled them out.  We will taste them today at my sister's and I am hoping it's okay.  I fell in love with this idea from bon appetit so that's how I did my crust.

Mine didn't get as brown but I think it looks cute.  :)  Love those polka dot holes.  (that is THEIR pic, not mine.)

We also went for a bike ride, grilled hamburgers and had a fire.  It has been beautiful out, if a bit chilly.  (funny how 73 + windy feels chilly)  I love putting on a hoodie at night, though, so no complaints.

James says, "Oh, snap!" all the time and I love it.  Ruby does that thing where she makes a cutting motion with her finger across her throat when she is mad about something.  You'd have to see it but it's kind of cute in an odd, Ruby-like way.  Nick's favorite number is 165.  He often tells me he loves me one hundred sixty five one one two two.



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