summer journal, day one

I prayed for patience for today and God answered me.  First day of vacation and it was such a good one.  highlights:  I started the day with a bike ride at 6am.  All 3 kids in swimming lessons...they all looked so happy to be in the pool but Nick got water in his nose and claims he's never going back.  We'll see but I'm okay if he doesn't as he is kind of young for these lessons.  James made lunch (chicago style hot dogs) and grilled the buns just like his Dad always does.  James went to his friend's house and the other two and I went to the library to sign up for reading program.  After we got home, Ruby read two hours (Garfield books) and we colored mandalas.  Nick played and was exhausted after swimming.  He finally gave in at 5pm and slept until we made him get up at 6:30.  Pulled pork quesadillas for supper.  Patrick called and asked me what I wanted for my birthday (tomorrow) and that was enough right there.  :)  But I said a love letter, a new candle and lots of cake. James just finished mowing the front and half of the back yard and did a really good job...just missed a few strips.  :)  Oh, my dark pink peonies bloomed today. 


I just had this summer journal idea.  Quick and simple.  Hope I keep up with it.  Hope you are well.



  1. Happy early birthday, and happy first day of summer break! Sounds like it started off on the right foot.
    My peonies have bloomed and faded already, they are white, jealous of your pink ones!


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