summer journal, days 11,12,13

((James had a friend sleep over last night and I postponing muffin making.))

day 10:  Last Thursday was a very good day.  Our morning was the usual routine and in the afternoon we met Wendy and her kids at a park.  We just talked while they played (James read) and it was really nice.  On the way home we got ice cream and Ruby got it all over her face, which she usually does, but even worse than normal this time.  It was chocolate and James said it looked like she had a snout.  haha!  It did.  :)

We got home and picked up, I put a meatloaf in the oven, and we prepared for Patrick's arrival.  He texted me at one point that he had been delayed for hours and missed his connection in Chicago.  :(  He texted me a while later that his connection had been delayed as well so he got on it!!  Yay!  He got home a couple of hours late but he was home and we were all happy.

day 11:  Usual morning routine.  My mom came to watch the kids swim and then came over for lunch.  I had put our bike rack on the van that morning so while she was here I got our bikes on and tested it out.  Nothing fell off but I was still nervous to take it on the highway later on.  Today was date night!  After Emma came I went to the library and worked for a while, then went and got Patrick's glasses, went to a goodwill, picked up dinner and then met Patrick.  We went for a bike ride (they didn't fall off!!) on some paved trails in Fitchburg and it was awesome.  After that we saw the XMen movie and I was pleasantly surprised.  There is a scene with Quicksilver that is HILARIOUS.  Perfect.  Loved it.  A very good night, all around.

**side note.  My bike is dang heavy.  Between 40-50 pounds, I would guess.  It is not easy getting that thing up onto the bike rack.  Or down from it, for that matter.  I can do it, though.  Also, it is hard to pedal it up big hills but I keep trying.  Patrick just whizzes up then with his 300 (or something) speed bike (I have 7) and I was huffing and puffing.  Right near the top, when I was going to get off and walk, he came up behind me and gave me a big push.  It was the best thing ever.  :) 

day 12:  Saturday!  I started getting the basement back in order and worked down there for quite a while.  I have a lot of collectibles I plan on getting rid of and I also had a big mess to put away from the seasonal clothing switch.  oof.  After that we had lunch (Patrick's burgers. delicious.) and I went and got Ruby's friend for her.  At 4:00 James went fishing with his friend and I brought Ruby and her friend to her friend's house.  Patrick, Nicky and I went on a long bike ride and I thought I would die.  :)  We rode on an unpaved trail and while beautiful, it's a lot harder than paved.  Plus, adding Nick's 40 pounds to the back of my already heavy bike is a challenge.  Great leg workout!  We came home, ate, and I went to get the kids, bringing one extra home for a sleepover.  (ambushed!)  Patrick and I started watching Hotel Grand Budapest but stopped about halfway through.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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