summer journal, days 14, 15

As I begin writing, I'm not sure how much I want to share about Sunday afternoon. 

Let's just say I got VERY mad at two of my kids in quick succession and I ended up storming away from all of them at the pool playground (Patrick was there with us) and walked home.  In my swimsuit.  muttering curse words under my breath.

oh dear!!  I would like to add that I had a skirt on over my suit or I never would have done that.  :)  Even furious, I had some wits about me.

After my hot, fast paced (I can laugh now but I was SO MAD) walk home, I went and got groceries for a few hours.  Patrick sent the two offenders to their rooms as soon as they arrived home (shortly after me) and I didn't see them again until that evening.  I had cooled off by then and Patrick and I discussed some new rules/ideas to get us back on track.

It was one bad day but the stuff the two of them did felt so disrespectful and that feels so wrong to me.  I'm praying every day for strength, grace, forgiveness, love, self's so hard sometimes!! 

I also realized that I need a bit more time to myself, day to day.  As much as I am enjoying a lot of our days, it is a lot of work. 

So, anyways.  That was day 14.  yay.

Yesterday went pretty well.  We did the usual morning stuff and then came home for lunch and they all played outside for a while.  Once the fighting with the neighbors began, I whisked them all away to the dig for a while.  We had planned on going somewhere else but realized that Nick had forgotten his shoes so we just went home.  Once we came home it was time to make dinner and we played some catch in the yard.  (my kids love to play catch.  that seemed kind of strange to me until I realize that it's something I enjoy, too.  what is it about catch??)  A while later they got the idea to make giant bubbles and Patrick got home just in time to help James bend the wire hanger.  The normal bubble solution was too thin so we added some Dawn and got some huge bubbles.  It was really cool.  We had the solution in a frying pan.  I highly suggest trying it.  :)

After dinner I laid down to read and fell asleep.  I woke up a while later but Patrick had closed our bedroom door and got the kids to bed without me.  In my head earlier, I had thought that I would like him to do that so it felt like a treat that he did it without me having to ask. 

I want to add something that happened this morning (Tuesday) so I don't forget it.  After we dropped J&R off at school Nick asked if we could "stop off" at the pool.  He had to give somebody "sumpin."  I looked back and he had a tiny silver box with a rock in it and he wanted to drop it off for his teacher.  SO SWEET.



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