summer journal, days 19 & 20

Friday, day 19:

Certain things just feel like summer to me and meeting Wendy to walk in the morning is one of them.  We met at 6am and walked and talked for an hour.  The perfect way to start my morning.

After summer school and swimming lessons we came home for lunch and then met our friends at the park.  That is another summer favorite...just a park, a blanket and friends.

Patrick surprised us by coming home really early, like 2 hours early, and he and the kids watched the Lego movie (again) while I read my book and took a nap.  He put blankets over all of the windows in our main level and made popcorn for them and everything...pretty cute.

After I got up I mowed the lawn, we ate random things for dinner and went back to bed.

Saturday, day 20:

Patrick surprised me again today by getting up at 7:45.  Who is he??  :)  I went out to finish the lawn and some weeding and when I was done he presented me with an omelet, complete with fried sweet potatoes and fresh mozzarella.  He hates sweet potatoes so that was a true labor of love.  It was huge and I ate the whole thing.  Delicious.  After that I worked on a craft project for Eli's birthday for a while, and one for myself, and then gave Ruby and Nick showers and took them to WalMart.  ugh.  It was actually fine until the last half hour when Ruby started whining.  uggggggh.  I don't get to WalMart very often but they do sell some underwear that I love.  Sadly, they were out of my favorite spray paint!!!  Like, not even a tag for it on the shelf!!  I chose another color but was so sad.  Luckily, I think I found some at a nearby hardware store.  I will be calling them today.  :)  The color is Hosta Leaf Green by Krylon:

I love this color.  It is a shiny, deep olive.  LOVE. 

I didn't take pics of my projects but I made something like this for Eli and something like this for myself.  I bought the necklace pieces on etsy months ago (from this seller) and have been paralyzed with indecision as to what to put in mine.  (one is for my seester)  Today I finally decided to put a circle of Duluth in there and I really like it.  Simple.  Done. 

I love maps and summer always makes me want to make something with them. I might not have it out of my system just yet.

I got this book from the library and LOVED it.  It has inspired me to change up some stuff in our home that has grown stale to me.  A great book, I highly recommend it.

After WalMart we came home, collected James and Patrick and headed to New Glarus State Park to meet my sister and her family and our mom to celebrate Eli!  He is the cutest little thing.  He is talking more and more but it's like everything that comes out of his mouth surprises me and is hilarious.  Love him.  A while after we got there a rainstorm came upon us and we decided to wait it out under the shelter.  The kids ran around like crazy in the rain and it was so cute.  Ruby had been testing me at WalMart and it felt like James was at the park so I felt kind of worn out from it all.  We went back to their house for dinner (delicious tacos & margaritas) and it was really fun but not very relaxing.  My kids just felt crazy.  One of those nights.  :)  We came home and put the boys to bed, Ruby stayed overnight at Grandma's.

"It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful"...applies to so many things about my life.



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