summer journal, days 6 and 7

Saturday and Sunday were busy/crazy/funny/fun.  Saturday morning we had breakfast and just hung out until it was time to go to Annie & Ronan's for the bbq.  We had such a nice time there.  It was gorgeous out and her yard looked soooooooo cute.  I loved it all.  The food was delicious and all the kids had fun.  Also, Dad couldn't figure out how you'd get a whole chicken in a beer can to cook beer can chicken.  HAHAHAHA!  Oh, man.  That cracked me up.  We stayed all day and I was exhausted when we got home.  Patrick blessed me with an hour nap and after I got up it wasn't long before I went back to bed.  :)

Sunday (Sunday Phunday) was kind of funny.  We made it to breakfast and all got a table together at Marigold Kitchen.  (10 of us)  The food was delicious.  After that we walked around Monona Terrace and then I brought James and Patrick home so Patrick could pack for a work trip.  I drove back and met Annie & Co. at the zoo and then we were all going to meet up with Patrick and James at the Mallards game. 

BUT.  My Dad's car was parked behind Patrick's spot in the garage so they couldn't get out to meet us.  OH NOOOOOOOES.  :(  It was so sad but we promised to make it up to James and after I accepted what a bummer it was, I still had fun and so did everyone else.  After that we all came back to our house and Ronan went and got the BBQ leftovers and Andrea whipped us up some dinner.  Then they left and we went to bed.  The end.  Very good weekend.  Love my family.  Sometimes you just have to laugh and pretend everything is good.  And then, somehow, it is.



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