summer journal, day 52

Today was a good one. 

At the pool a friend invited us to join her and one of her friends at this little park right near us.  She said they had filled sand in at one point on the river and they have been swimming there all summer.  What??  We have been there lots of times, and the kids have played in the river, but it was kind of rocky and full of old wagon wheels and stuff.  She said it was all cleaned up and very nice.

James' friend got permission to stay with us for the day and after lunch we all headed over to the park.  There were a total of 12 kids and they had so much fun.  I loved it and am so happy we were invited and now I know the SECRET SPOT.  :) 

First, a little morning reading:
 If you let your kids sleep over they might end up jumping down our stairs onto pillow piles.  (those are our future paint colors written on the walls.  we are old.)  No worries, I don't allow diving.

 James was so happy.  Two of his best friends were here and he LOVES digging and building in the sand like this.  For over three hours they just played.  It's my favorite. 

Last night I just packed and got ready for today.  Wendy and I walked 7300 steps this morning...awesome.  I came home and had coffee and now Nick is in the tub (peed the bed.  sigh.) and James and Ruby are still asleep. 

I hope you have a great weekend!  I will be in Duluth alone with the kids (Patrick is having a weekend with his friends in St. Paul.).  Well, alone except for my dad, mom, brother, sister in law, and cousin for the day on Friday.  :)



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