summer journal, days 21 & 22

Sunday was day 21 of our grand summer adventure.  ;)  It was a quiet morning.  I made some muffins for our neighbors (new baby...soooooo cute!!) and when Patrick got up he made us a build your own omelet bar and then cooked us up some delicious omelets.  (he was very into cooking this weekend!)  I don't remember anything else from the day.  :)  Oh yeah, we went to church, Ruby had a freak out in the van about a tablet of paper, we came home, kids played outside, I started making a gallery wall in our living room.  Patrick weed wacked.  you know, the usual.

Monday, day 22.  Now this was just yesterday so I have clearer memories.  :)  Wendy and I walked at 6 (hills!) and then we did summer school/swim lessons only no school for Nick this week.  He and I played "Dead Man" on the trampoline for a lot longer than I wanted to.  I mainly agreed because it was so cute to hear him say "come aYive."  :)  After lunch I went to get some paint and then James had a friend over and the kids all played/fought/played for the afternoon.  We had big storms, Patrick came home on the early side and we had huge salads for dinner.  I tried iifym for a day and found it to be too stressful.  Too much protien!!  Too much thought!!  I will continue on with my calorie counting, eating more veggies and exercise.  Slow but steady.  Or, kind of non-existent right now (as far as losing more) but I am good with maintaining.  Also, my legs are toning up.  Thank you, oh heaviest bike of mine.  I need to add some upper body stuff and I will feel good.

I can hear you all yawning from here.  My apologies.  I will add some photos/fun adventures soon.  :)



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