summer journal: days 30, 31, 32

Hi peeps!

I was just sitting up at the pool feeling AWFULLy tired when I realized I hadn't had coffee yet.  At NOON!!!!!  Oh my gosh.  I am having some now, thankfully.

Let's see, what have we been up to.

Tuesday was day 30.  It was the last day of morning summer school and then James had park science.  After lunch, Ruby suggested I read my book while her and Nicky watched a Garfield movie.  Um, excellent suggestion, Ruby old chap.

After a nice reading/movie session we went to the library and for a bike ride.  It is so funny (scary) going for bike rides with Ruby.  She will usually say she wants to race at some point and when I am just about to pass her she will CUT IN FRONT OF ME.  That is so wrong and dangerous!!  I am not that coordinated.  Sheesh.  The rest of the afternoon they played outside and I don't remember what else. 

Wednesday was then the first day with no summer school.  At about 9:30 am James told me he was bored.  ha. ha. ha.  He had to go outside for an hour (thems the rules) but luckily for him, he was invited on a play date for later that afternoon.  This again left Ruby, Nick & I solo for the afternoon.  We hit up a fun new park and then got some frozen yogurt and then (boohoo) some groceries.  James' friend came back to our house for a sleepover and the kids all just hung out and played/fought all night.  Nicky went to bed early.  (hot mess)  James had done a lemonade stand that day and had such a good time.  Also, Patrick promised Ruby a treat if she would wear her hair in a ponytail for the evening.  She did and got a cupcake.  (so did the other kids)

Thursday (DATE NIGHT!) was a busy morning.  James' friend stayed all morning (they found something to agree on and all played together so nicely)  I dropped the two boys off at park science and then came home, packed up some stuff, and Emma came.  I beat it out of here and did some reading and then some shopping.  I found nothing to sell and SO MUCH for myself.  I spent $40 on me which is a lot in thrift store dollas.  Would you like to know what I got?  :)  I got some pink Gap shorts, a black tee, a black & gray maxi skirt (that is not too long!), an old navy work out tank, a gray old navy dress and a LOLE winter jacket.  Oh, and a long red jersey nightgown (SPICY) , NWT, or new with tags for those of you that aren't aware you can buy things OLD withOUT tags.  ;)   All for $40!!  It is all in the washer RIGHT NOW and I can't wait to go hang it on the line. 

In my line of work, I find a lot of clothes for myself.  (especially at the dig)  I am proud of myself for narrowing down my summer shirt collection this year and vowing to get rid of anything I don't wear at least once.  That means we have to stop going for bike rides and other sporty things on date night.  I need to wear my dresses!!! 

Also, I have been wearing skirts, like once a week.  ALL OF MY LIFE, practically, I have wanted to wear more skirts and I never have.  I am so happy to finally be doing it.  (it's the little things)

After shopping for myself, I picked up some picnic fixings and met Patrick. We ate (fixing our sandwiches on the curb of a parking lot.  :)  ) and then went for a long bike ride.  It was beautiful and relaxing and my butt hurt.  He helped me up the big hill again.  After our ride we went to the bookstore and had a coffee and shared a slice of cheesecake.  I hadn't been there for so long and it was really fun to be back.  I looked at the latest issue of Martha Stewart (inspiring!) and bought a calendar.  (Katie Daisy!!!)  We had such a good time and came home to a clean and quiet house.  (Love that Emma.)

Long live date night.


p.s.  My goal for the rest of the summer is to take more movies.  Nick is going to go to 4K soon and they are going to teach him how to correctly pronounce stuff and I will die a little.  Also, the other night he told me his 3 ways he likes to be cuddled.  I couldn't understand the first two (ha!) but the third was that he likes putting his legs on my legs.  Also, he says already as aldewwy.  Don't want to forget that.



  1. Hi Stephanie,

    I'm reading your blog at work so thought I'd try to comment here. Hope your trip went well. Did you guys decided not to go to Duluth in Aug? Everything from the Dig washed up beautifully. So thankful I come from a family of thrift shop royalty :)



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