summer journal: days 39, 40, 41, 42

Last Thursday was busy, busy cleaning the house and then it was date night!  I went for a walk, went shopping for camping and then met Patrick for a long bike ride on a new trail that we really enjoyed.  I was nervous because I noticed it was almost all downhill, meaning that the way back would suck.  :)  It wasn't that bad and he helped me at the steepest part.  (by giving me a push.  love that.)  We wanted to veg out at a movie (we were tired) but there weren't any so we went back to the bookstore and vegged out there. 

On Friday I got ready for camping, like alllllll day.  It is so much prep work!  The nice thing was that I had all day and didn't have to rush.  The kids were excited so they were really helpful and my mom brought me her camping coffee pot so I didn't have to drive over and get it.  Very sweet.  We decided that one of our injured tents would be fine (no rain in the forecast and it held so we got lucky), so we had two tents, two air mattresses and a cot.  Lots of stuff.

The weather was beautiful and we had a really good time.  We went for a hike on Saturday (Parfrey's Glen) and to Devil's Lake and had multiple camp fires and percolator coffee.  (delicious.)  We slept better Saturday night (our air mattress was sideways on a slope Friday night) and I woke up Sunday morning, in the cool tent, feeling rested and happy.  And like I wanted coffee.  I couldn't get the fire started, didn't want to wake Patrick up, couldn't light the propane torch (to help start the fire), Ruby woke up with gum in her hair (and everywhere else) and I started to freak out.  All I wanted was some coffee!!  Ruby curled up next to Patrick and went back to sleep, the boys were up by that point, so they jumped in the van with me and I hunted down a McDonald's.   Without a GPS, even.  Impressive.  It's like I smelled it or something.  I got two large coffees and some egg white delight sandwiches (the best thing at mcdonald's, in my opinion) and breathed a sigh of relief.  (I was also over cooking (and cleaning up) at that point.)  :)  We pulled up into camp and Patrick had a fire going (he said he had gotten up literally 3 minutes earlier, knowing I would like a fire) and I finally got to sit down in my camp chair with my coffee and book.  Ahhhhhhhhh.  It was all I needed.  :)  Later on we packed up and headed home.  Everyone helped unload and put stuff away and we were done in 30 minutes.  That was awesome.  So fun.  Relaxing for me (not as much for Patrick, though he did enjoy it.)  I love seeing our kids just playing outside in the dirt.  I wish we had some woods by our house.  (we do, but not that I would let them go play in alone.)  Anyways, I loved it.  Worth the effort. 

BUT, oh my gosh, I sure do LOVE the Keurig.  :)

I don't know why but a lot of my pictures were blurry and/or got blown out in the bright sunshine.  I still love them, though.  



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