summer journal: days 43, 44, 45

Hello friends,

How is your day going?  Mine is good.  Everyone is still sleeping at 7:45.  Score!   Today is Thursday (date night) so I should be cleaning but that can wait just a little bit longer, don't you think?

Okay, let's get the business out of the way.  On Monday (day 43) it was really hot.  After swim lessons and lunch we rode our bikes to the pool.  That made Ruby (my overheater) hate me a little but as soon as we got up the big hill and into the pool, the hate was forgotten.  We met Wendy and her girls there and enjoyed the cool water until someone puked and we had to get out.  It was almost closing time anyways, so no biggie.  We got ice cream and played on the playground for a while and then rode home.  (downhill, thankfully.) 

Tuesday was even hotter!  We have had mostly beautiful temps this year with not much over 80-85.  Today got up to 96, I believe.  Annie and I took the kids to the splash pad where they all proceeded to gang up and soak us.  :)  After a couple hours (and when my two big kids were starting to make me feel crazy) we headed over to the that little bit of heaven, the dig.  After 10 or 15 minutes Nick started clutching his stomach and crying (wailing!) and I thought he was going to poop everywhere or have his appendix burst or something.  So I did what any good mother would do.  I tried to get him to lay down on a dirty jacket and go to sleep.  HAHAHA.  We left, we left.  AND HE WAS FINE.  He was totally faking!!!  He perked up and wanted ice cream on the way home.  Little rat.  (we did get ice cream.  hello, 96!!)  That night Patrick and I shared some frozen margarita packets my sister had gotten him for his birthday.  So good. I finished mine and promptly fell asleep.  I am a good time girl, that's for sure.

Yesterday was Wednesday and we met Annie & Ronan and Wendy and all the kids at Little Amerricka for the afternoon.  It was a lot of fun and I am thinking we can get one or two more years in before James rolls his eyes at the mention of it.  It is geared towards younger kids but now that I think about it, he might be happy in the future if he can just go on the go karts over and over and over.  :)  On the way home we stopped to get some groceries, arrived home, cleaned out the van and promptly collapsed.

And now I will share a bunch of pictures from our St. Cloud trip.  And some other randoms.  (little amerricka pics soon)

Me & Katie:
 My necklace that I "made."  I bought the kit and glued that map circle into it.  :) 
 Our neighbor and my cousin Sarah's baby Jude:


 In St. Cloud at some beautiful gardens:

 Along the Mississippi:

At the farm:

 I love this old barn. 
 My new gallery wall!!  I love seeing all the paintings I've collected over the years in one place.  LOVE.
 James picked these berries for us on one of his hikes.  love.
 back to the farm:

 dirty feet after the farm:


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