summer journal: days 46, 47, 48, 49

Good morning!  How are you?  I just got back from a dang chilly bike ride.  My toes are cold!!  I need some socks.

Let's see, where were we?  Day 46 was last Thursday.  Emma came for date day/night and I went to the dig, read in the sunshine, went for a walk, and got dinner supplies.  I was a little pouty because Patrick worked later than I would have liked him to but we had a really nice time and I got over myself.  :)  We saw the movie Chef and Patrick even really liked it.  It is a sweet movie, especially if you like food/food trucks/Jon Favreau.  After the movie Patrick wanted to get treats to bring home for our kids because he said that's what his parents always did when he was a kid.  awwwww.  We got home and Emma had made homemade kettle corn.  Score!!

Friday, day 47 of our summer adventure (aka life), was chilly.  We went to the picnic to celebrate the end of the summer reading program and then came home and were lazy most of the day.  That afternoon my sister called me from work, which she rarely does, and we randomly decided to fit in a visit to the Kalahari at the end of August and, hey, let's invite our whole family!  There were only a limited amount of rooms left at the deal price that I had heard about, so I started madly texting and calling family members.  It is hard to describe that hour but at the end of it my blood pressure was through the roof and myself & kids, Annie, Ronan & kids, our Dad & Mari, 3 of our cousins, their husbands and all of their kids, my mom and my aunt had all agreed to go.  Whew!  Mini reunion for 26, please!  Yay!!  The most stressful part was that Annie and I decided on the date, I told people and then I talked to Ronan and Andrea actually worked one of the days we planned!  And she was working! and couldn't answer my multiple texts! and my cousin booked! and would she get off? and it was crazy!  :)  Annie said she was standing by a patient's bed, suctioning them, and her phone kept buzzing in her pocket.  :)  hahahhaha.  I had a much needed beer after that and then Ruby's friend came for a sleepover and we had a fire and the kids were crazy and Patrick got mad and went in the house and then the kids settled down and he came back out. the end.

 On Saturday morning I met Annie & Ronan and their kids at the farmer's market and that was beautiful.  I loaded up on veggies and homemade jam and some sconuts.  (scone + donut = sconut)  After I got home I did some yard work and just relaxed.  Patrick made burgers (YUM) and we watched Motel Hell with Gordon Ramsay.  Kind of dumb but scratched a reality tv itch that I was having.  I took Nick for a walk.  I took a lot of pictures for ebay.  James went to Grandma's for the afternoon (they made a delicious cake) and I don't remember what else happened. 

Yesterday was Sunday.  I listed some items.  I mowed the lawn.  It was beautiful mowing weather, sunny but a nice breeze...very pleasant.  Patrick made crepes (YUM) and we went to church and got Little Ceasar's on the way home.  We ate on the patio and afterwards Patrick and the kids ended up playing a strange game of catch with pizza crusts.  ??  He was whipping them up into the air as hard as he could and they were scrambling to catch them as they came down.  Random and funny.  Then I went and had a glass of wine with my mom and sister.  Then I stole hydrangeas from an abandoned house and my sister took a photo of me doing it.  Then I came home and read my book and went to bed.

the end. 

Now, photos from Little Amerricka (and a couple others):

 James was thrilled to drive the go karts alone this year:
 We forgot Nick's shoes.  Did I tell you that?  I cut the back off of Ruby's extra pair that we had in the van and he made do all day.  What a champ.
 Ruby and Allison:
 Ruby looking up at us and Nick struggling to keep his janky flip flops on his feet:

 Eli giving us his side eye:
 our boys chatting up those girls:



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