summer journal, days 50, 51

Good morning, dear ones.

It is Wednesday, July 30th.  How are you?  I'm good.  James and his friend are giggling downstairs, Ruby is sleeping and Nick and I just had a cuddle.

Let's see, day 50:  This was Monday.  Hmmmmm.  Oh, on Monday I got up early (5:39...ugh) and went for a bike ride.  It was so chilly!  (I think I said that before, sorry.)  After swimming and lunch we met my sister and her family at Eugster's for the afternoon.  I hadn't been there in years and had forgotten how long the kids can entertain themselves there with all their different areas.  It was a nice day.  Afterwards we got James some new shoes and went to Orange Leaf so they could get frozen yogurt and James thought it was super awesome.  :)  I went to bed early that night.  Exhausted.

Yesterday was day 51.  Wendy and I walked at 6:00...5000 steps.  Nice.  At breakfast the children were complaining how there was no food, or rather, none of their favorite foods.  I reminded them that I was too buys TAKING THEM TO FUN PLACES to do menial, every day tasks like buy groceries.  :)  So yesterday we took time for the menial.  I did my roots, spent some time in the yard, we went grocery shopping and to get hair cuts.  I don't remember what else.  It was thrilling.  Last night Emma came and I escaped for some pizza with Patrick (amazing. delicious. Pizza Brutta.) and we went and saw the movie Lucy.  Oh man, that movie sucked.  SO BAD.  We were laughing and making fun of it, so that part of it was fun.  Overall, a good date night.  Patrick said they always are.  xoxoxo

Now we need to figure out the plan for today.  Tomorrow we leave for Duluth!  August is hilariously full.  I am pretty excited about it as I can sense the tide starting to shift.  (Meaning, I am going to be ready for school when the time comes.)  Right now, though, I am so thankful for everything we have ahead of us.  We get to see lots of family, visit new places and hopefully have a lot of good time together this next month.

Nick saying "you don't mean what I mean" instead of "you don't know what I mean."

Nick saying "the day in back of this day" for "yesterday."

Rings.  I love having pretty rings to wear.  I wanted to wear rings most of my life but my fingers were too chubby to find them at stores, aside from real jewellery stores, you know?  Through etsy and lia sophia I have found some pretty ones and they make me so happy.

I wore a dress last Saturday and told my sister I felt like I was wearing pajamas.  She said I didn't look like I was.  I got home from the farmer's market and the first think Patrick said when he saw me was, "You look like you're wearing pajamas."  hahahahhahah! 



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