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I have no recollection of last Wednesday afternoon.  I know we did something but it feels gone.  Scary how that happens to me. 

On Thursday my family (cousin Sarah, Auntie Lee, and Sarah's two adorable kiddos) arrived and we just hung out all day and had dinner and the kids played.  It was so good to have them here!  Friday was the 4th and we started out the day with a walk to the end of Picnic Point (if you're local, the beach is not groomed at all this year and the water is YUCKY) where we huddled alongside a path and ate our lunch.  :)  After that we went to Tenney Park which, thankfully, turned out to be very nice.  It wasn't crowded and the water was very nice.

We came home at the end of the day for tacos and Ruby came down with a high fever.  :(  We had a small bunch of fireworks so we just lit those off here and the kids were happy with that.  We had a slow morning on Saturday and eventually Sarah and I (and her kids) met my mom and Lee at the Dig.  (of course.)  I left there, stopped at Target to get James some non-athletic shorts, and went home to change for church. 

It was my friend Carolyn's parent's 50th Anniversary so we were invited to church with them and then to a party at their house.  Ruby was so sad to miss it so I just took James to church and dropped him off at the party, at Carolyn's request.  He had a BLAST and was sad to come home at the end of the night.  Ruby and I watched TV and snuggled on the couch for most of the evening.  Patrick and Nick went on a bike ride. 

Sunday was a slow day, we needed one.  That afternoon I took Ruby to see Rio 2 and then we picked up Little Ceasar's pizza on the way home.  I hadn't had that in YEARS and it is still the same.  Pretty gross.  Of course the kids loved it.  :)

Yesterday I let the big kids skip summer school but we went to swimming lessons.  After that we picked up Wendy and her girls and went to a place called Troll Beach for the afternoon.  They have inflatables in a man-made pond and it was fun but also chaotic with so many different places for the kids to be running off to.  It was not relaxing but not awful.  Wendy and I were glad to cross it off of our list of places we wanted to try.  Probably won't go back for a while.  :)

This was a super condensed entry of most of the last week!  I just don't have writing in me today.  And I am still bothered that I can't remember last Wednesday afternoon.  :)



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