door county, in photos (aka: our favorite places in door county) (aka: pretty much everywhere we went)

After opening up our rental house and unloading the van we took a ride into Fish Creek, even though it looked like rain.

Here was our first stop:
Pretty amazing. 
The kids liked it, too. 

Once the rain started we headed back to the house for some wine and Risk.  James and Ruby made up their own rules and played this game for over an hour.  New record.  They actually played together the whole night, while Nick slept.  It was a cozy, happy evening.   (even after they started dropping poker chips off the balcony.)
Patrick made us fires every night and even one drizzly morning.  LOVE.
Pixie Stix were quite popular.  I loved these as a kid, too, and remember playing them all the time with my uncle Frank.
The next morning we drove into Peninsula State Park, stopped to enjoy some scenery,
and climbed Eagle Tower.

I like this one even though he is picking his teeth:

After that we drove north and ended up at Door Bluff Headlands County Park.  This picture doesn't capture what a steep descent this was.  We ate sandwiches in the van while Patrick went on a short scouting mission.  He said he heard waves so we headed down!
I noticed a lot of daddy long legs spiders on the way down.
Nick needed a little help but J&R pretty much bounded down this slope.  I tried not to look.
This is what we were met with:
It was gorgeous!  I would like to know what kind of rock this broke easily and was layered.  Really cool.

At first I loved seeing these cairns everywhere.  After a few days I had to resist the urge to push them over.  :)
Nick wanted me to take his picture standing on anything & everything.
That is Ruby.  We wandered off to explore what looked like it might be a cave.  (it wasn't.)

Oh.  The spiders got worse on the beach!!  They were EVERYWHERE.  It was crazy and creepy.  We now call this "Spider Beach."  We are clever.
He is just adding to this one:
Patrick had to build the mother of all cairns.  I could barely watch him lifting these huge rocks.  sigh.  Men. 

He is planning on checking google earth in a few months to see if he can spot it.  His was the biggest one there (of course).

Then we had to climb back up.  Ruby wasn't feeling the best at this point but she was a trooper!
On the way home we stopped in Sister Bay for gelato at Door County Cremery.  Their Lemon Cookie flavor was AMAZING.  Patrick and I also had really good coffee from Drink Coffee, right up the street.  We sat by the water and enjoyed the sunny afternoon.

By the time we got home, Ruby was feeling lousy.  She definitely had a fever and was in no shape for our fish boil that night.  Patrick volunteered to stay home with her and I took the boys to Pelletier's in Fish Creek.  The boil over was fun to watch and the food was delicious.  I brought Patrick's meal home for him and he liked it, too.
Ruby was sick and feverish all night.  I sat with her (by the fire) and read A Discovery of Witches.  (really loved that book!) It was kind of perfect but I wasn't the one with the fever.  :(  Poor Rubes.

Thankfully, Ruby was better the next morning.  We headed off to Newport State Park and drove along the famous curvy highway:
The water is high this year so the beach was pretty small.  It wasn't really warm enough to swim anyways (but Patrick did) so it was no big deal.  We just hung out and walked in the water and played for a couple of hours.

Before we left I researched Door County and looked specifically for places that might not be as busy.  At the Headlands park we only saw 3 other families the whole time we were there and at Newport, only one other one in this same area.  I bet on a hot and sunny day there would be more people at would be an amazing place to swim.  For Lake Michigan, the water was warmer than I expected.

My sister gave me a buck to buy a new Rocketbal at goodwill before we left.  It became the most treasured/fought over toy ever.  :)  Everyone had fun with it and I only launched it into my face a couple of times.  Here is James, throwing it to Patrick:
The woods were amazing. 
We had an icky dinner this night (Casey's BBQ in egg harbor...GROSS) but went home to have delicous apple pie and ice cream in front of the fire while we watched a shark show.  Ruby says that was her favorite night of the trip.  xoxo

On our last full day we went to Cave Point County Park.  My friend Teresa had told me about it and how gorgeous it was...she was not kidding.  We loved it here!

James, launching the Rocketbal:

See it flying towards Patrick?  heehee
ugh, more cairns.  kick, kick, kick.
Nick, being totally amazing and standing on stumps:
and rocks.  On one foot!!
Cave Point is becoming quite popular (for good reason) so there were a lot of people by the main entrance point.  We headed to the left, walking on the rocks and in the water, and eventually came to a quiet sandy beach:
I went back to the van to get swim stuff and we set up camp.
I decided to wander around a little and could not believe how beautiful it was:
Look! Another, even more deserted, sandy beach!
I rounded up the family and we made our way over there.
I was happy.  :)
We stayed for the afternoon and loved it.  The kids didn't really swim but Patrick and I both went way out in the water and it was sooooo cool.  The bottom of the lake is one huge, smooth rock.  It reminds me of the (above water) lava flow at Gooseberry Falls in MN.  I'm really curious about what it is.  I wasn't going to go out (only about 70 and no sun) but Patrick told me I should and I am so glad I did.  You could walk out so far and it was so quiet out there and kind of eerie.  Also, it was a nice break from the bickering/playing/loud children. 

The fog cleared out later on.  When you first get there, this is the view to the right.  We totally want to kayak there.

We ate dinner that late afternoon (early birds!) at the Wild Tomato and it was FANTASTIC.  Totally loved it.  We drove back to Sister Bay for more lake time/coffee/gelato and then home for our last fire.  sniff.
We loved Door County and are already thinking about next year!  It's fun because there are so many different things to see in such a relatively small area.  There are tons of little towns filled with tons of little shops and restaurants but this was not the trip for that.  :)  We just loved being outside together in some amazingly beautiful areas.  We loved our cozy house with the fireplace.  so fun. 

This trip made me so thankful for where I grew up.  Minnesota and Wisconsin are both so beautiful.  I am grateful for my parents for spending time with us outside...I hope our kids grow up and love it as much as we do.



  1. I loved this post for so many reasons....what a beautiful place! I really want to go now. Also, Pickles standing on things...I stole a kiss from him at Kalahari and it was just as great as I thought it would be :)
    Seeing WI through your eyes makes me so happy to live here (MN) too and excited for when my kids are old enough for this kind of vacation. Also, please tell Patrick he looks like he is in the best shape of his life. And you too, but I already told you that lots of times. I'm so happy for you and I love you!


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