summer journal, day 59

I am weary.

I also have PMS so I am going to hang in there and be gentle with myself.  I feel tired out this week and tired of my children.

Yesterday was kind of creepy.  We tried to go for a hike (ABORT! ABORT!) but it had just rained (ABORT!) and the woods were buggy.  Then we went to a playground and that was actually pretty good.  I told them to go play and not come back for an hour.  :)  They didn't go that long but maybe 45 minutes?  Then we went to WalMart for some grocery stuff and school supplies and that is enough to suck the life right out of anyone, right?  And I spent almost $300!  oof.  School supplies and camping supplies.  Then we came home and I slept for an hour and then got ready for a Lia Sophia party at Wendy's.  That was fun...good to chat with friends and plan some stuff for our Dirty Girl overnight that is coming up.

Today I actually have to work!  I listed nearly everything in my ebay store at auction last week and made over $500 when they all ended last night.  Now I have a lot of packages to ship but it feels good to make some money.  (especially after our walmart trip!)  It also feels good to get rid of so much inventory.  I sold my first item to someone in Ireland...a patagonia bikini top.  :)

I am missing work, too.  Looking forward to having some time to do that and some quiet.  But I feel sniffly when I think of summer being over, too.

I am kind of (ha!) whiney today so I will spare you.  I am going to go put in my contacts and get to work!!

:)  Have a good one.  xoxoxo


  1. Oh man Steph I am about to scream from the kids, I AM SO OVER THEM RIGHT NOW! LOL

    So, send me a link to one of your ebay auctions? I have been dipping my toe in there and I was going to email you about it anyway. I want to branch out a bit I think.


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