summer journal, days: 53, 54, 55, 56, 57


I slept in today until 8:00!!  That felt so good and strange.  I love my early (quiet) hours but the extra sleep felt wonderful.  Perfect sleeping weather, too. 

Our trip to Duluth was so fun!  We left on Thursday and the trip up there took a long time (due to two long stops at Target and a long ass line at Chipotle) but not bad.  We got to the hotel and went swimming almost right away.  After that we went up to my Dad's for dinner with Mari, Thomas & Erin.  It was a beautiful night and the food was yummy and it felt very good after that long trip. After we left we stopped at Cub for essentials like Cheez-its, Gatorade and ice cream.  :)

Friday morning we had breakfast, went swimming and then headed down to Canal Park to meet my cousin Jessica, her three kids, and their new puppy.  We hung out there allllllll day and it was wonderful.  (her 3 kids are practically the same ages as our three...and they all love each other!!)  The weather was beautiful and then quickly switched, in typical Duluth fashion, at the end of the day.  The sweatshirts felt good, too.  :)  My mom and Aunties Lee & Kristy came and met us later on in the afternoon and we all had dinner together.  It was so fun to see everyone but now I miss them.  Jess and her kids are coming here for 2 days next week and I think (hope) I will get to see Kristy and Lee soon.  I would love to have some kid-free time with them so we could just talk all we wanted.  :)

On Saturday we got up and, you guessed it, swam.  Then we went down to the end of Park Point and made the trek through the woods (the Minnesota Point Pine Forest) to the beach where very few people go.  The first hour we didn't see any other people and after that, just a few wandered by.  It was amazing.  Another perfect day.  The water wasn't too cold (we didn't swim, though, just waded), there was tons of driftwood, and it was so quiet.  It is one of my favorite places and the kids loved it, too.  We stayed almost 3 hours, just building forts and digging through rocks and driftwood.  The kids didn't even complain (too) much about the hike.  (the way back was a little harder on Ruby but she made it.)  (I promised them milkshakes.) 

We got back to the hotel late that afternoon and rested for a while before we went to Thomas & Erin's for dinner.  Both of our parents were there and it was fun to hang out.  The kids were a little crazy at this point but I just made them go downstairs to play the WII.  :)

On Sunday we got up (NO pool!!  over it.  :) ) and packed up and met my Dad down by the lake walk and walked for a while in the other direction (East) where I had never taken the kids.  The whole shoreline is just one cool spot after another and I just can't express how much I love it. 

The trip home was good, much shorter time wise, and Patrick got home a while after us.  I didn't think he was coming home until Monday so that was a nice surprise. 

He had yesterday (Monday) off and we just hung out all day.  I cleaned the house and he took the kids on a long bike ride.  James went to a friend's house.  It was relaxing.  Last night Emma came and we went to a movie (that Guardians one...I liked it...funny parts), for a walk and got a drink at Starbucks. 

Now I am starving so I will add the pictures (lots!) and sign off.  xoxoxoxoxo

Nick and Sammy were both wearing green t shirts:
 James, Teddy and a big ship:

 Ivy & Hoagie:

 They played on this thing for a long time.  This just washed up on the shore once after a big storm.  Awesome.

 dirty boy.
 At dinner:
 10 minutes after we started our hike.  Ruby needed a break.  :)

 Ruby showing me her rocks:

 Nick kept stopping to slide his fingers up these plants, stripping them of the little white flowers.  He told me, "I could do this all day, Mom."  :)
 Sunday morning:

 I tried.
peace out.


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