summer journal, days 60 & 61

Right when I needed it, Wendy saved my grumpy ass.  :) 

Shortly after I posted on Wednesday she called and invited us to join them at a little beach in Verona, Fireman's Park.  It happened to be the day of their Summer Beach Party and they had inflatables set up both in and out of the water.  Bonus!  We got there at 1:30 and planned on staying for a couple hours and then going to Orange Leaf for some froyo.  Then the kids heard there would be free hot dogs beginning at 4pm and we decided to stay for a while longer.  Then the DJ started playing fun summer songs and they passed out the hula hoops and that was it, we weren't going anywhere.  :)

The weather was perfect, the kids all had so much fun.  Wendy and I just kept looking at each other like, "Is this real?" With the music and sunshine it felt like a scene from a teen movie or something.  When there were about 40 kids hula hooping on the beach I was dying that I didn't have my camera. 

It was such a good day and I was so thankful.  We stayed until 6:30 THEN went to Orange Leaf.  Poor Patrick came home to no dinner but he survived.  :) 

Yesterday, everyone was tired.  We stayed home all day (well, Nick went to grandma's for a couple hours) and I mowed part of the lawn and made a couple skirts for Dirty Girl.  They are super obnoxious and we love them. 

Today we will need to get out of the house.  I am waiting for a friend to call and suggest something fabulous again.  heehee.

The most important thing is that I think my bad mood lifted.  I feel refreshed, which sounds silly, but I do.

Camping this weekend!  We don't leave until Sunday, which is nice.  Steak one night, tacos the other...simple.  Next week my cousin (same one I saw in Duluth) is coming with her kids!  Then it's Dirty Girl and then we leave for Door County.  Then it's a quick trip to the Kalahari.  whew.  After that, one week until SCHOOL.  That is crazy.

(Nick was just playing something slow on the harmonica.  He stopped and said, "Mom, that was a sad song."  (pause)  "Somebody died."  hahahahhaha)

Nick will be in 4K for 4 afternoons a week this year.  That, my friends, is also CRAZY.



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