the last 19 or so days

Hello!!  How are you??  I am good.  We are home and I keep saying we aren't doing anything fun until October.  :)

When we last spoke (okay, I last spoke) we were leaving for a camping trip with Wendy and her family.  That was a lot of fun and we had good weather with some rain but it was no biggie as we had a fabulous camping cabin.  Plus, a thunderstorm in a cabin is pretty darn cozy.  The kids swam a ton and Nick was in heaven in that pool. 

The day after we got back from camping my cousin Jessica and her 3 kids came to stay with us for a couple of nights.  This was also a lot of fun and I loved having that time with her.  The first day we sat and talked alllllllll day while our 6 kids played all around us.  Patrick made us a big fire one night and we had an adult beverage and s'mores.  We also took them all to Target and a playground and just had a really good time together.  Ruby struggled a bit on and off with sharing her space with her cousin.  Her room is so important to her and it is a little stressful to have someone in her space.  I was really proud of her for not acting on how she was feeling.  I prayed with her about it and hope she will remember how God helped her when she asked.  because He did.  :)  xx

The day after Jessica left I left for Dirty Girl!  Only 4 of us ran this year but two others came with as supporters.  :)  We had a lot of fun and signed up for next year, of course.  ;)  After the run we went to the Riverwalk in Milwaukee and had a delicious dinner (and beer) at a brewery right on the river.  Loved it.  Relaxing and fun.  We also decided we are doing a weekend away together this winter and maybe a mini tropical vacation in the next year or so.  Yay!!  We don't need to get muddy to get away together was our consensus.  :)

That brings us to Monday, the 18th.  Patrick was off and we had the whole day together to pack and get ready for Door County.  That afternoon we met Annie and Ronan and their kids at the river for a couple hours.  I love it there.  A big clam started to close on my finger.  GROSS. 

Tuesday morning we got up and left for Door County!  We had a wonderful time and I hope to get some of my favorite memories down sometime soon.  Lots of pictures, too, thankfully.  (wasn't sure as my camera is acting strange!  boo.) 

We got home from Door County last Saturday afternoon and then Sunday morning I left with the kids to go to the Kalahari.  We met Annie & Ronan, our Dad and Mari, cousin Jessica and her family, cousin Sarah and her family, cousin Eryn and her kids, my auntie Lee and our mom.  It was SO much fun even though James was sick in the room the whole first day.  :(  Poor buddy.  Thank God he felt better on Monday.  We had to check out but stayed until 8:30 that night...I was so glad he could hang with his cousins, finally.

Yesterday we did pretty much nothing all day and it was wonderful.  Today I am going to mow the lawn and then maybe go to Kohl's?  I don't usually buy a lot of school clothes until it gets colder but I want to get them each one new outfit, if they want.  (they already got shoes and backpacks and lunchboxes and supplies and about 100 of the biggest glue sticks I have ever seen.)

3 days left alone with them. 

LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

almost.  :)



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