devil's lake all by myself

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of going up to Devil's Lake all by myself.  It was a gorgeous day and I had such a good time.  I am a little fearful of hiking alone but this is the most popular state park in Wisconsin so I knew I wouldn't ever be alone for long.  :) 

The park was busy but there were plenty of moments (especially on certain trails) that there was no one around.  I only got off a main trail once and was starting to wonder is this right?? when a couple met me coming from the opposite way.  They told me what I was climbing now was "nothing" compared to up ahead and they didn't think it led anywhere.  I guess I had something to prove (to myself) so I kept going and it was steep but not awful and it did meet up with the other trail.  Yay!  This last photo shows the East Bluff, which I hiked up and over, seeing Balanced Rock and Devil's Doorway along the way.  There are tons of places to stop and enjoy the view.  (but so many cliffs and bluffs and danger! danger! danger!)  :)  I would have a hard time bringing my kids to some of these places but there were a fair amount of children.  (makes me sick just thinking about it.)

I think I hiked about 5 miles total and didn't really feel done until climbing down the very steep "Potholes" trail.  It basically goes straight down the side and was hard on my knees after a while.  (old.) 

I was struggling a little on Saturday with something.  transitions? hormones?  who knows.  I wanted some time alone to think but really, I didn't think much at all on my hike, except about what I was doing.  I felt a whole lot better afterwards, though. 

It hit me last week that I am really missing summer and being outside so much with my kids.  On the weekends I am ready to GO! after being home all week and everyone else is ready to STAY HOME and RELAX after being at school and work all week.  We will figure it out but it is harder on me than expected.  Yesterday I made myself a list (of course) and am going to make it a priority to get out during the week more.  (we are outside a lot but seeing beautiful spaces is important to me, I think.)

Time to get everyone up now.  I am taking Nick on a hike this morning with some friends.  Wish me luck.  :)



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