I am not sure how to blog anymore now that it's not a summer journal. Maybe it will come back to me???

Today is the drop off day for the consignment sale.  I finished pricing yesterday and everything is loaded up and ready to go.  I don't have quite as much as sales past but I am still hoping to be in the $900 ballpark.  fingers crossed!

School is going well for the children.  Nick loves it.  He fell asleep on the bus home one day.  :)  Ruby had to shake him to wake him up.  (did I already tell you that?)  James and Ruby both spoke sternly to me on Monday afternoon because Nick was not on the bus and they were worried.  (no 4k on Mondays)  I promised to tell them in the future.  I took their scolding with a serious face while feeling so thankful inside that they do actually look out for eachother.  I am the worst mother ever and didn't take a first day picture.  (except for Nick...first day ever for him so...)

Here are some pictures from our family takeover of the Kalahari.  A lot of them are blurry but I don't care, I love them.  I love that the 5 of us girl cousins have created such a crew.  I love them all so much and I just love being together. 

Here are the first day pictures:

James offered to take Nick's backpack and Nick pushed him over.  brotherly love.

I have a bad cold.  James and Ruby both had it and now I do.  I am having bad allergies, too, so it's particularly icky.  I think I'll make it, though.   I took an allergy med last night so now I am dry as the freaking sahara!!!

Nick just woke up and is asking to play my tablet.  ugh.  Gots to go!  xoxoxo


  1. Man, Sammi would be so jealous that he gets to ride the bus already! I had a giggle over the names on the hooks, not a single "matt" in the bunch. Pajamas are listed separately and they are bidding, fingers crossed for green!


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