Nick just told me to finish up so, sorry! no clever title. ;)

Good morning, dear ones! How are you today? I am good.

Well, we are fully into our new routines over here.  I am still working out my free time and struggling a bit with only having one work day per week.  I want to relax a bit and do house type stuff on the afternoons he is in school but I feel like I should work, too, so it's a little hard.  I am not worrying too much about this but it is on my mind.  I've decided to give myself a little more time to figure it all out.  :)

The kids are all good.  James really loves his teacher and is showing excellent responsibility with his homework and such this year.  I don't need to tell him to do anything in the mornings...he just knows and does it.  Love that.  He is reading like crazy.  I keep feeling a bit surprised in some of our conversations & can feel just like I'm talking to a friend or another adult.  super strange.

Ruby likes her teacher just fine.  It's not the mad love affair that she had last year but that is okay.  :)  (her kindergarten teacher told us last night that her and her 2nd grade teacher argue over who Ruby loved more.  :)  )  Math can be a struggle for her (and therefore, me) but we get through it.  The common core math program is tough and teaches them how to look at problems in different ways.  I kind of love that.   (even though some days I'm like GAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!)

Nick loves 4K.  His teacher says he's doing great and works hard.  :)  He asked to be called Nicholas at school so that is what they call him.  I love that.  He is also learning to write his whole name.  He has been having major whining/freak out sessions but they have tapered off a little this week.  I know this is a huge adjustment to his little world so I'm not worried or anything, it's just exhausting some days.  I love our mornings together and am thankful for the beautiful weather so we can mostly spend them outside.  (he loves to do yardwork.)  :)

The biggest change I made this fall has been no TV/electronics until after dinner on school nights.  There have been a couple of exceptions (of course) but for the most part this is what we do and I really like it.  (and they are getting used to it.  ha. )  After school they have a snack and then play/fight/work on their homework for the next couple hours until dinner.  They definitely always fight when they are playing together, someone usually gets hurt, but they are interacting and I love that.  They usually have fun and I don't want them to forget that they can do that together. 

Nick got this new neon jacket and LOVES it.
James had to try it on.  :)
Nick is playing soccer in New Glarus with Jacob.  Here are some pictures from their first practice.

same shot, uncropped:  :)

They do a group field run at the end of practice and I took a picture not even sure where Nicholas was.  He found himself right away!  cute.
On a walk last weekend,
James didn't want to come with and ended up bringing his book on the walk.  Within a few minutes I was carrying the book (naturally) and he was messing around with everyone.  We got attacked by mosquitoes shortly after these pics were taken.
Ruby, just resting:

I gained a few pounds in August and was feeling so gross at the start of the month.  ugh.  The weather got cold and my jeans felt sooooo tight and icky.  I've been exercising regularly again for two weeks and am feeling so much better.  I (like usual) am doing random things but my main focus has been getting some weight lifting in and that is making me happy.  I wanted to add weights in all summer and never did!  Why is this stuff so difficult for me?

I started tracking calories again and that is going pretty well, well, except for the last couple of days.  but whatever.  ;)  I am SO good at maintaining my current weight.  SO good!  Like, if I am not on vacation or totally letting myself go, I am all set here.  I seem to know just how much exercise I need, just how much I can eat to just stay here.  But I STILL want to lose some more.  It's almost ridiculous how I "can't."  I know it's because I always give up but I keep feeling like if I could JUST get over this plateau but it feels so difficult. 

what else?

I kind of miss summer this year.  We had such a good one. 

Fall is good, you know, and I am finally getting into it (changing leaves will do that to you) but I find myself still thinking about summer and sighing a little bit.  That is such a good feeling.  So thankful.

Nick is up, gots to go.



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