summer journal: days 83,84 & 85 (and a little of day 82)

First, thank you cousintine, Sarah, for your sweet comment.  Thank you for loving me so much...loving everyone so much.  You are the best!  xoxo

Now, let's see.  Last Friday would have been day 83 of our summer journey (or "4 more freaking days until school", as I now see it) and we stayed home.  We actually stayed home most of last week and it felt goooooood.  On Friday James kept falling asleep, it was odd.  His little body finally gave in and forced him into submission.  :) 

Thursday night had been date night and Patrick suggested we go down to Memorial Union for a beer & brat by the lake.  It was chilly and we had hoodies on and it was perfect.  It was a strange suggestion from him because it is usually too busy for his taste but I figured he just wanted to be by the water.

On Friday, then, when he suggested we go to Devil's Lake after work, I knew I had to say yes.  (he would roll his eyes at this but I feel like he was craving more water time as summer winds down.)  So I made some brownies, thawed out some hamburger and picked him up at 5:15 to head up to the lake.  We ended up staying for a couple of hours and it was really fun.  We got home around 9:30 and I went straight to bed.  :)

On Saturday I took Ruby and her friend raspberry picking and to Culver's for lunch.  After that I dropped them off at her house for a sleepover.  Patrick dropped James off for a sleepover as well so we were down to one kid for the night.  How odd!  After an afternoon nap and a couple hours of Bachelor in Paradise (hilarious!), I made some freezer jam and Patrick and I shared a jumbo Apple-ahhh-rita.  (sounds gross but it was actually good.)  Then we had a fire on the patio and then we extinguished the fire to see all the stars.  Then we put Nick to bed and then we stayed up too late.  the end.

On Sunday, the kids wandered in and out and I started working on my fall consignment sale items and went through fall clothes and got them washed and ready.  We went to church and out to dinner and cheers!'d (??) to summer and our favorite parts.  Then we had fro-yo, then I almost threw up on the way home because Patrick was purposely driving crazzzzzy.

Today is Monday.  THE LAST DAY OF SUMMER.  PRAISE GOD.  I have had quite enough of the little darlings and cannot even believe that on Wednesday afternoon I will have the whole house to myself for THREE hours.  (Nick doesn't start until Wednesday, the other two, tomorrow.)

I am trying to imagine my life with 3 free hours in the afternoon and I can't quite do it.  does. not. compute.  I will be working on Thursdays this year (only one day due to day care issues) but will have time to work on those other 3 afternoons if I choose to.  Which I probably will.  But I also want to volunteer at school again this year (loved taking last year mostly off but missed it, too), read, watch trashy tv, exercise, meal prep and 1000 other things.  So, instead of getting bogged down in allllllll I want to do, and frustrated when it doesn't happen, because let's face it, 3 hours goes fast, I am just telling myself to STFU and enjoy it at first. 

I need coffee.  or maybe I don't, because I seem a little wound up already (LAST DAY) but I want it.


p.s.  we are going to be by more water today.  :)

p.s.s.  did you see the secret life of walter mitty?  I loved it (didn't expect to) and so did Patrick.  It got us talking.  that says a lot because NOT MUCH gets Patrick talking.

p.s.s.s.  OH YEAH.  We watched walter mitty on tuesday which was our 19 year anniversary!!!!  cheers to that!  Patrick said it sounds long but has felt short.  love.  (also, some of it has felt damn long but I didn't say that.)  (manners.)




  1. Your kids are so lucky, they had what sounds like an amazing summer!!!!


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