8 years

Hi guys,  I wanted to say hello and good morning and I hope you're not minding all the eBay talk too terribly much.  :)  Some of you have told me you're enjoying it and that was really good to hear.  thanks!

How are you?  I am good.  I just finished my coffee and am going to go do some cleaning.  EXCITING!!  This afternoon is a trip to the apple orchard with Nick's class and then our family is coming over for tacos.  Thomas and Erin are in town for the night and we can't wait to see them!!

After dinner we're going to the football game because Ruby signed up for the little cheerleading camp again this year.  She is really enjoying it this time, it's pretty cute.

Yesterday morning I went for a 2+ hour walk with some friends and my legs were so sore when I got home!  Then I met Heidi at the Dig and got so. much. stuff.  It was fun, digging and talking.  I hadn't seen her forever.  My back was sore when I left.  :)  Yesterday beat the crap out of me.

My blog is EIGHT years old this month, my first post was 8 years ago tomorrow.  That is just crazy to me and I am SO thankful that I have kept at this over the years.  I don't share as much about the older kids now but I am still thankful for anything I record, especially the conversations.  I would NEVER remember those tiny little moments that are so perfect to me.  sniffle.  Thanks, blogger.

And thank you for reading.



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