BOLO: Advent Calendars :: 16/31

Happy Thursday!  We are on Day 16 of the Nester's 31 Days and today I want to share another BOLO with you.  Advent calendars!

If you do a quick completed search on eBay you'll see that lots of advent calendars sell really well.  They are definitely something to keep in mind as you stroll those thrift store aisles.  :) 

A few that caught my eye:

This was probably purchased at Target for about $30, once upon a time.

 I sold one of these last year for well over $100 and have another one to sell this year.  They are out there!
 I don't get this, really.  It is the National Lampoon house as an advent calendar and they sell for big bucks:
Anything Pottery Barn usually sells pretty well.  I sold a similar one last year with some light stains for around $40:
And finally, this is Benefit cosmetics calendar is currently available online for around $99 but quite a few people have paid around $170 for them on eBay.  ??

My tip of the day:  Keep your eyes open for Advent Calendars!

p.s.  I will talk about store vs. no store soon, Mim!  :)

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