BOLO: Pat Pat the Rocket :: 10/31

Today I wanted to share with you one of the things I always do a quick check for at the thrift store, also known as a BOLO - Be On the Look Out:

Pat Pat the Rocket!  The Little Einsteins are still very popular with the preschool set but they don't produce the toys anymore so they tend to sell high on eBay.  Here are some of my Pat Pat sales from almost 2 years ago. 

Pat Pat with yellowed seats and small crack, paid 1.99, sold 37.99

 Pat Pat with no big flaws, paid 1.20 last spring for Nicky, priced for quick sale, sold for 51.99
 Pat Pat Transform and Go, paid $10 last spring for Nicky, sold 37.99
Here is a screen shot of the completed sales when I checked them this morning:

That is kind of blurry but you can see them yourself here.   And finally, here is a picture I grabbed to show you the whole set.  That little green computer screen sticking up increases the value a lot...they come off easily and were often lost.

 My tip of the day:  Check for Pat Pat!

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