BOLO: United Nude Shoes :: 23/31

Today I want to share with you a BOLO that I have never seen anyone else mention.  I stumbled upon a pair of these shoes at Goodwill a year or so ago and bought them even though I couldn't look them up (no phone with me) because they were so unusual.

I was one happy girl when I got home!  :)  They are the Eamz Pump from United Nude and retail for $299.00.

I think I got around half of that for mine...they were not brand new but were in really nice shape.  The funny thing was I found another pair of United Nude shoes not long after that.  They were a patent leather ballet flat that sold for around $70, I think. 

A good name to add to your BOLO list.  Not all styles sell well so do a little homework and keep your eyes open!  Good luck!

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