Duds :: 12/31

Oh, duds.  Every eBay seller has them and sometimes they can really take you by surprise!  I never thought this Nike pullover would sit so long (I've had it listed since last summer) and I was certain these Keen shoes would sell right away.

When you have an item that just isn't selling there are a few things you can do:

  1. Lower the price (if you've marked it a little high to begin with, like I usually do)
  2. Raise the price...I know it sounds crazy but it can really work sometimes!
  3. Putting the item on sale if you have an eBay store.
  4. Change the title up...make sure you're not missing any keywords!
  5. Take new pictures.
  6. If it's been listed as a Buy It Now, switch it to an auction and vice versa.
  7. Keep listing new items.  Those fresh items have a bump in the search results and may cause someone to click to see your other items available.
My tip of the day is this:  When an item doesn't sell, change things up a little!

If all else fails, you can always end the listing and try to sell it in your garage sale next summer.  :)  Don't feel too bad...everyone has some duds!

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