Getting Paid :: 25/31

What is one of the best things about selling on eBay?  Getting paid, of course!  :)

I pay myself every Friday, transferring money from my Paypal account into our checking account.  It usually shows up in about 3 days and I have never had any problems.

Before withdrawing any funds, I click on the Account tab in My eBay and check what my current balance is...that is the amount I owe eBay for fees and such.  I have this set up to be paid by PayPal automatically every month so I always make sure there is enough left in my Paypal account to cover my current balance on eBay.  You can read about paying your eBay fees here.

Also, if I have had any large sales (over $100) I like to wait until the return period is up (14 days currently) before I spend that money.  Anything less I could cover without too much pain but it would bug me to take a big chunk out of our checking. 

This method has worked great for me for over 2 years.  So that is my tip of the day...leave enough in your Paypal account to cover your eBay fees.  You will thank yourself later.

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  1. Loving all this info! Next question: We are Dave Ramsey FPU people. So we have a clear budget each pay period/month. How do you budget for your "job"...things you buy to sell, etc? Does this money come from your ebay sales or your family budget?

  2. Hi Mim, all of our funds are in the same account right now so I just keep in mind how much I am spending on items each week. I guess I have a mental budget for myself. With envelopes I might just add one for buying eBay items. I have always wanted to try that system!! :)

  3. Stephanie, It.Changed.Our.Marriage! We have been using it since the summer of 2007. It works for us :)

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