Shopping By-the-Pound Thrift Stores :: 7/31

I have learned that one of the best ways to earn the most money on eBay is to buy as low as I can and sell as high as I can.  These days the thrift stores, God bless them, are making that harder and harder, aren't they?  They knew that orange sweater I bought the other day was something special, didn't they?  5.99...who do they think they are??  (I'm kidding.)  I get it!  I do.  They are a business, just like I am. 

Which is why I do the bulk (ha!) of my shopping at a clothing-by-the-pound store.

Which looks like this:

Yeah, I'm not kidding.

I have talked about the Dig for years...I have been going there for about 15 years now!!!  Crazy.  But, oh man, the stuff I have pulled out of those bins.  (...let's pause while I wipe a tear from my eye...)

Clothing at these types of stores normally sells for about $1 per pound.  The catch is that you have to dig through A LOT of crap to find the gems.  But they are there!!

I spent a couple of hours there on Saturday and spent $6.56.  I got 2 items for myself, 7 items for the kids sales I do and 7 items for eBay.  Here are the eBay items in a grainy picture I just took:

 I found a pair of men's Prana* pants (my sister thought I could wear them but they were too long), a TravelSmith skirt, a Robert Graham* men's shirt, a LOLE* workout tank, LL Bean* athletic skort, Sparrow* (anthro) sweater, and a pair of Pilcro* (anthro) pants.  All of this cost me about $5.50 and I can conservatively (and hopefully) sell it for around $140.  Better than 20x my cost!

Tip of the day:  I would HIGHLY suggest googling "by the pound clothing stores" with your city's name to see if there are any near you.  If not, check within a few hours of you.  These places might be worth a day trip.

If you find one and decide to go, you should know a few bunch of things.

1.  It is going to take a while.  Plan on spending some time there, preferably without your kids if you can swing it.
2.  It may feel like all you're seeing is junk, junk, junk but I promise you, the first time you pull that (insert favorite brand here) item in your size out of that bin you will be HOOKED.
3.  Oh yeah.  A bonus of shopping for eBay is all the great stuff you find for yourself.  :)
4.  These places are typically kind of dirty.  Bring hand sanitizer and kleenex.
5.  And snacks!  Digging ain't easy!
6.  When they bring out fresh bins it can get a little crazy.  (think sharks & chum)  My store is fairly low key but unless I am feeling frisky, I usually hang back a bit and wait for the frenzy to die down before going over to take a look.
7.  Try to relax and feel thankful for the stuff you find.  Don't focus on what is in that ladies cart over there.  Not worth it.  :)
8.  Bring some bags.  If you don't get a cart you can always stuff items in a bag while you're shopping.

Alright.  I will stop here for the day.  Coming up tomorrow are some researching tips and on Thursday I will talk about shipping all of this good stuff out!  (Thanks, Mim!)

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*other good brands to watch for! 

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