that's a wrap :: 31/31

I can't believe this is it!  Sadly, our computer froze up the day before yesterday so I am on my least favorite way to blog.  (And list!).

I have loved hearing that a couple of you have actually tried eBay this month!  Woohoo!!!  My final tip of the day is this...keep at it...give yourself a little time to figure it all out before you decide it's too complicated.  Remember that most buyers are good people and will be good to you if you are good to them.

Thanks so much for reading along this month and for the comments (mim, I finally answered your last question!  :) ) and emails!  Please bookmark or pin this page for a list of all my posts.  (I will update it with the last few soon!)

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. I'm pinning for later! I have lots of "inventory". I've just been too lazy to list it all.

    Thanks for the all of the tips.


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