I Shipped My Pants :: 9/31

Haha, does anyone remember that Kmart commercial??  We swear they actually say the bad word a couple of times.  :)

Anyways, today I am going to talk a bit about shipping. 

  • My tip of the day in regards to shipping is this:  Get a postage scale!!  This is so important!  
  • I purchased mine on Amazon a couple years ago and it has been great.  My exact one isn't listed anymore but any of these best selling ones should be fine.  Pay attention to weight limits of the scale if you plan on shipping heavy things.
  • When you are doing your listing there is a place to enter the weight of your item, to offer calculated shipping (based on the actual weight) to your customers.  This means they don't have to pay for Priority Mail if the package is under 13 ounces.  This can be a big savings that is nice to offer people.  Guessing the weight of your item can lead to losing money, if you have to make up any shortage, and sales, if the shipping seems too high and people don't want to buy from you.
  • Also very good to have?  A printer.
  • If you can weigh your package and print your postage at home, you get FREE tracking on every package (a .99 savings) and tracking is pretty much a must have.  (You want to be able to track that package if it doesn't show up.)  (that RARELY happens, though.)  (but still, tracking is good.)
  • If you ever become a Top Rated Seller you will also get a nice shipping discount when you print at home.  (I save from .60 on up on every package on top of the free tracking.)
  • If something is under 13 ounces, I usually ship First Class.  For the bulk of  clothing heavier than that, I use a Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope.  The envelopes are free from usps.com and the postage cost is $6.10 (if not cheaper) and it can weigh up to 70 lbs.  I have fit some pretty big garments in those things!
  • For most everything else I use regular Priority packaging, all available free on the website. 
  • If something is really large or really heavy, I always check Fed Ex, too.  They are usually cheaper on those larger/heavier packages but you will need your own packaging.  You can do this right on eBay when you are printing your label.
  • You can also schedule a FREE pick up of your Priority packages!  And they will pick up First Class packages and International packages along with the Priority.  (sign up here)
  • I use that a lot in the winter (sorry Mr. Postman) or on a package heavy day.
  • I also treat my mail carrier very well at Christmas.  :)
  • I go about 50/50 with offering "free" shipping on my listings.  I'm not sure if it makes a big difference in sales so I just do it sometimes and skip it sometimes.  If it is "free" than I up the price to make up for it unless it's super light. (because we all know nothing is really "free".)
  • I buy most of my shipping supplies on, you guessed it, eBay!  I have had wonderful experiences with this seller.  I use her poly mailers (in blue!) for clothing under 13 ounces and International sales.
  • I always wrap the item in tissue paper.  It's pretty inexpensive and people seem to appreciate it.  I also buy that from the above seller.
  • Don't be afraid to ship International!  I sold a (fully disclosed) moth holey vintage wool shirt to someone in Sweden today.  They paid an additional $24 for shipping!  Yikes.  eBay makes it easy to ship internationally.  You just enter the weight and it prints out the label.  You sign it (that's the only difference from domestic packages) and it's good to go.  (This is for International First Class which goes up to 4lbs.  Anything over that is more expensive and has more paperwork but is still no biggie.)
  • I suggest having your packaging BEFORE you do your listing.  It is so frustrating to be digging around for a box or an envelope when you have a sale.  Get that stuff together beforehand and you'll be so happy you did!
  • When I first started I used large manilla envelopes from the dollar store.  :)
  • Ship as fast as you can.  People love that!  
  • To qualify for Top Rated Seller you need to promise shipping & upload tracking within one business day.  This might be hard if you work another job but it's something to keep in mind.  Along with the shipping discounts, I also get a 20% discount on my eBay fees every month!
  • This facebook group is dedicated solely to eBay shipping help.  You have to request to join but it's worth a shot if this is something that really interests you.
  • The eBay site is a wonderful resource for shipping info!  Find out more about International shipping here and about shipping in general here.
Okay, that was A LOT of information.  I know shipping can seem scary but with a postage scale, you are pretty much good to go.

Please let me know if I didn't cover something you wanted me to.

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  1. To earn the top.rated discount you must sell $1000 in 12 months. I am still $250 away.

    I want to know if this is going to be a tax nightmare. :/

  2. I will likely never become an active ebay seller, but these are fun to read!
    And we constantly quote that commercial! Just yesterday the girls and I were cracking ourselves up on the walk home from school :)


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