Is an eBay store right for you? :: 18/31

When I re-started selling a couple of years ago, one of the first things I did was search for eBay-minded blogs and message boards.  I started reading a lot about eBay stores, which I had never heard of.  They didn't have those back in the early days of eBay.  :)  I can't remember how long it was before I took the store plunge but I am really glad I did.  A quick calculation shows that I have saved over $500 in fees over the last 2 years on top of my Top Rated Seller discounts.

The biggest factors in determining if a store makes sense for you is how many listings you plan on doing every month and which type of listing you plan to do.  (auction or fixed price)

eBay gives most people 50 free listings per month and, depending on the category, it could be 100. 

I sell mostly clothing so if I liked to sell it at auction, I could get 100 free listings every month!  The problem is, I don't love auctions.  They don't seem to do that well for me and I much prefer to list my items at a fixed price.  For that, I would pay .30/listing.  Still not a lot of money but it adds up!

With my store subscription cost of $14.95/mo (paid annually or 19.95/mo paid monthly) , I get 150 listings free every month of whichever kind I choose.  I also get lots of free listing promotions so I rarely end up paying if I go over 150.

eBay has an awsome store fee illustrator here.  You can read more about the other benefits of having a store here.  I love being able to have sales and such but the insertion fee savings is the biggest reason I have a store.

My tip of the day is, if you're a new seller, give yourself a few months and see how & what you enjoy selling the most.  Keep the fee illustrator bookmarked and use it to help you make your decision in the future.

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