Let Me Give You Some Feedback :: 14/31

Feedback is so important on eBay!  As a seller, I have a couple personal rules for leaving feedback.

1.  First, my tip of the day, I always leave feedback and usually leave it first.  I always feel kind of bad if a buyer leaves me a good feedback before I've left them one.  Like, oh, that was so sweet.  :) 

If a buyer has paid, they have completed their part of the transaction in my eyes.  Yes, sometimes that can burn you but out of 780 sales in the last year it didn't happen once.  I think the year before it happened twice but one of them was removed by eBay (crazy lady) and the other fell away after 12 months.  (thankfully...I do like seeing that 100% positive but know now that a negative is not the end of the world.)

2.  If I don't have anything nice to say, I say nothing.

Sometimes I just don't leave feedback.  If I have to open a case against them to get payment and they never offer any explanation, that bugs me.  I can't leave them a negative but I could leave them a positive with a passive aggressive statement.  Not worth it, just move on. 

I have received feedback from 57% of my buyers in the last 12 months.  I read that the average is 40-50% so that made me feel pretty good.  I don't do anything to remind them to leave me feedback, just try and offer great customer service.  I am not opposed to sending out a reminder email or something, I just don't do it.

I think there are a few keys to receiving positive feedback.

1.  Sell a good product.
2.  Describe it well.  What (if clothing) is it made of?  What are the measurements?  Any flaws to mention?  Make all of that known so there are no surprises.
3.  Answer any questions quickly and politely, both before and after the sale.  If you can't get back to someone right away send a note saying when you will get back to them.  If they ask you a totally off the wall question (because they will) or about something you clearly described in the description (because they will) take your emotions out of it and just answer them.  I always finish my reply with something like this, "Thank you for your interest!  Best, Stephanie" 
4.  Offer a return policy.  This sounds like a PITA, I know, but it really isn't.  It gives most buyers peace of mind and I think I have had less than 10 returns in the last 12 months.  That is right around .01% of my sales...not a big deal.  (I will talk more about return policies soon...oooooh, exciting!)  ;)
5.  Thank them for their business!  When I print out my shipping labels the buyer gets a message that the package is on the way.  eBay does this automatically and there is also a space (on the shipping screen) to leave them a message that will get sent as well.  I have a little blurb that goes out to every buyer thanking them for their business and asking them to please let me know if anything is wrong.

What if someone does leave you a negative? 
  • You can ask them to revise it. (usually won't happen unless the dispute is settled.) (I once requested a feedback revision and the girl was all, HELL NO!!)  hahahaha.
  • You can respond to it.  But remember, they can respond to your response, essentially giving them the last word.  Take the high road.  If people see that you are being a creep they are less likely to buy from you.
  • Only communicate with buyers through eBay messages!  That way eBay can see all correspondence and proof of any wrong doing on their part. (or yours so play nice.  :)  )
  • Learn from it and move on.  That is the best you can do in most situations.  It will be gone from your score in 12 months and that will be a happy day!  :)
  • Oh, you can also block that bidder from buying from you ever again.  That's a good idea...keep out the crazies!
If you've bought or sold something on eBay, you may have noticed the newish star rating system called Detailed Seller Ratings or DSRs.  You can read more about those here.

Like so many eBay topics, Feedback seems so huge and reaches out into so many areas.  I feel like I could go on for days but I will stop here.  Do you have any specific questions about feedback or anything else you've read so far?  Leave them in the comments and I'll get back to you there or address them in a future post.

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