lots of screaming and some (happy) tears around here

Good morning, dear ones!  How's it going today?  I am good.  I have coffee and a picked up house (thanks to Ruby) and Nick is happily playing with some monster trucks.

Speaking of Nick.  OH, let me speak of Nick!  He is still being a bit of a terror at least once or twice a day.  Big fits...I think they are called tantrums??  Well, yesterday he had one on the way out the door for soccer at the same time James was having one (a 10 year old version).  Yes, AT THE SAME TIME.  Oof.  Well, anyways, Nick ended up losing electronics today.  He was so sad!  Oh, poor Nick.  (ha.)

We were talking about it this morning and he asked if he could have them back today if he didn't yell at me.  I said no, that he was a big boy now and he had to have bigger consequences just like James and Ruby do.  He said, "Mom.  I am FOUR not TEN."  hahahhahaha.  I told him to stop acting like he was TEN and he would stop having consequences like he was TEN.  (It is a win/lose having older siblings!)

In other news, Happy October!  I love October.  What a perfect month. 

Ruby has been asking me about our Halloween decorations since mid-September.  I told her I never put them up until October and that it would be a surprise some day, thinking October 1st in my head.  She later requested that I not do it on October 1st because that was too predictable.  Well, then.  Okay.  So I spent Tuesday afternoon (ha! September 30th!) decorating and when they walked in the door after school...Ruby burst into tears!  She was so overwhelmed and surprised.  It was initially puzzling and then very very sweet.  She just didn't even know what to do with her little self.  She recovered pretty quickly and we (lovingly) teased her the rest of the night.  :)  

(those candy corns were gone in about 30 seconds)

Here is a To Do list Ruby made about cleaning her bedroom:  

 I ordered some pie towels from Crate & Barrel and used them as kitchen curtains...love them!  They have a great selection of kitchen linens and offer free shipping pretty often.
 Nick got stung by a wasp last week at school.  His eye was so swollen for about 5 days!  Poor kid.
 Patrick is working on this old mini bike.  He looks like a Shriner on it but is determined to get it running for himself and (someday) our kids.  Him and his best friend rode it around when they were little.

And now I must go.  Have a good day!!!  xoxoxo


  1. xoxo... Miss you! Devil's Lake looked amazing !!!


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