My eBay Listing Process, part one :: 21/31

Yesterday I encouraged you to get listing!  Today I want to share a little bit about my listing process.  This post got SUPER long so I broke it into two parts, here is the first half:

The first thing I do for listing is take a bunch of pictures.  I like to photograph around 25 items at a time, that is enough for me to chip away at during a typical week.  I try not to take any new pics until I've listed the last batch I took.  It's all too tempting to list that new, exciting thing you just brought home while last week's new exciting thing waits in the basement.  :)

So, I've got my pictures, a tape measure, my scale and a pile of items.  I group items together so women's shirts are with shirts, sweaters with sweaters, etc.  This makes listing easier because you can copy and paste one blurb and just switch out the measurements and a few key words each time.

My most used blurb is this:

"This lightweight blouse from Banana Republic is in beautiful, very gently worn condition with no flaws.  It is 100% cotton, a size Small, and machine washable.  It measures 36" around the bust, 15" across the shoulders, 24" from shoulder to end of sleeve, and is 25.5" long from the back of neck to bottom hem."

All of the items in italics are the ones I switch out.  I may also add more info, depending on the item.  For dresses I add waist & hip measurements and for pants, inseam, etc.  If the color isn't obvious I will try to describe it a bit and sometimes I will add a sentence talking the item up such as, "This blouse is perfect for travel...lightweight and versatile."  That just depends on my mood or if I think the item needs a little help.  :)  

I normally go to My eBay, select an item similar to what I plan on listing and click on "Sell Similar" over on the right hand column.  For starting a listing from scratch, go here.  

While I'm listing, I always have another eBay window open that I use for searching whatever is in front of me, normally a google one, too.  I see what similar items are selling for and also how their titles can learn a lot from this.  Something that may not stand out to me might be a really big deal to a buyer and someone else may already know this.  I also find lots of product names this way.  I recently searched "Keen shoes with flower" and didn't see anything similar to what I had in front of me.  I then did an image search on Google and lo and behold, there they were!  They were called a Keen I had a name for my title!  

After I've chosen my category and done a little research, I write the title.  I try to put the most important words first such as the brand name, what the item is (shirt, blouse, etc.) then the size (I normally write out "size" if it fits) and then add any descriptors.  Try to use every bit of that title they allow's how your buyers find you, first and foremost.  

After the title you're asked to select the Condition of your item.  If it is pre-owned, as most of my items are, a box will pop up called "Condition Description."  This is where you HAVE to mention any defects or quirks about your item.  If a buyer buys something and it has a problem that you don't mention in this box, even if it is in the item description itself, they can open a case against you for Item Not As Described.  That little box is very important!

Then you add your photos, select your item specifics, and write your description.  I try to keep the description to a minimum and don't use a lot (if any) of HTML.  Sometimes I add a blurb under my item description blurb that looks like this,

"I almost always ship within one business day of receiving payment.  I always leave good feedback for a good transaction.  I offer a 14 day return policy, buyer pays return shipping.  I love selling on ebay and only sell the best!  My customers are often surprised by how nice their item is...I don't sell junk."

In my mind, the hard part is over!  Your listing is almost ready to go.  Tomorrow I will go through the final listing steps.

My tip of the day:  Be sure to list any problems with your item in the Condition Description box!

Please send me any comments or questions you might have!  I am happy to answer them for you.  Also, if you have found any of this helpful, I'd love it if you would pin it!  :)

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  1. Those are some great tips. I'll pin them for later. I love eBay selling I just get so overwhelmed with the descriptions and such.


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