My eBay listing process, part two :: 22/31

This is Part 2 of my eBay listing process.  You can find Part 1 HERE.

When we left off yesterday, we had just finished writing our item descriptions.  Next up is figuring out listing format (read more on that from eBay here) and price:

If you've done your research, you should have some idea what to start your item at, if it is an auction, or list it at as a Fixed Price.  I have heard for years that the best time/day to start and end an auction is on Sunday evening.  After that, I think any weeknight evening is pretty good with Friday and Saturday nights coming in lastEven with so many buyers on eBay mobile, day time ending times aren't the best idea.  Lots of us are at work or busy with our kids.  My friend missed a daytime auction item last week while we were chatting!  If you are doing your auction listing during the day, you can choose when to have it go live.  eBay charges an additional .10/item for this option.

After that you check payment method, shipping methods (which I've talked about before).  After that is the final box on the page "Add other Details."  You can find out more about Buyer Requirements here.  Here is what mine are set at:
Block buyers who:
  • Have received 2 unpaid item strike(s) within 1 month(s)
  • Have a primary shipping address in countries that I don't ship to
  • Have 4 policy violation report(s) within 1 month(s)
  • Have a feedback score equal to or lower than -1
I do choose to offer a return policy and will talk more about this another day.  In the Additional Payment Instructions area I have this blurb:  

Hello!  Thank you so much for your purchase today!  Please send payment through Paypal immediately.  I will email you tracking information ASAP and leave you postitive feedback soon.  I really appreciate your good feedback as well and PLEASE contact me if something is wrong!  I will do everything I can to fix it.  :) Thank you so much! Stephanie

After you hit the blue Continue box you are almost done!  On the next page you can verify that the listing fee is correct, preview your item if you want and make any last minute changes, then click on the blue List Your Item box!  You're done!  Yay!

Now list another one.  ;)

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