Personality type?

Have you guys ever taken a quiz to find out your personality type?  I read about one on the Whatever blog yesterday and it was pretty interesting!  Of course I don't know if it's 100% accurate but a lot of what they said about the type I was scored at was on point.  (I was a INFJ)  You can take the quiz here.

The quiz kind of fits in with how I've been thinking about myself and my life lately.   This year is leading up to a big transition year for me...all 3 kids in school next year.  Lots of time on my hands.  How will that look?  How does God want me to use it?

I started reading Holley Gerth's book You're Made for a God-Sized Dream.  (also heard about on Meg's blog...promise I'm not brainwashed.)  I am enjoying it even though I don't know what my dream is yet.  :)  I mean, I guess I know some of my dreams but I don't know yet what I want to "do" with the rest of my life.  Or the next couple of years, you know?  At one point she referred to people sitting in church being scared God would call them to go on a mission.  haha!  That is totally me with some things.  She then said that God will most likely use the gifts He gave you to serve Him best.  That made a lot of sense to me.  Of course it's not saying that He won't ask you to do big, scary things but I liked the idea that they might be big scary things that are in the realm of how He created me, using the gifts He gave me.  Does that make any sense?  :)



  1. Hmmm, I took the quiz and I was an INFJ too. Interesting.

  2. Didn't take this one but I have always been an INFJ :)

  3. okay, that is crazy that you are both INFJ! The info sheet says we are less than 2% of population. :)


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